Auld Lang Syne is the fourteenth comic of Young Plumbers and fourth issue of Set 2.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 2, Issue 4
Production Code: B04
Release Date: December 26, 2012
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
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Plumbers' Academy
December 31, 2012, 5:17 AM EST

[Toon and Jack are setting up the decorations for a New Year's Eve party later that evening.]

[Toon]: Man, this party is going to be so much fun!

[Jack]: I guess... Surprisingly we've had it pretty easy so far this year... Only a few bad things have happened and nothing really bad... Maybe the Elite forgot about us...

[Toon]: Maybe they're doing stuff in hiding, I don't know... We need to forget about it and just celebrate the New Year...

[Jack]: Yeah, I know...

[They put up some more decorations. After a moment, they step back to look at everything.]

[Toon]: Done...

[Jack]: It looks great...

[Toon]: Come on, let's go get the others!


[They begin to walk down the hallway and eventually notice two figures approaching them.]

[Jack]: What the...?

[The figures come into view. They are two spirits, one green one purple.]

[Green Spirit]: Who goes there? I am Hypnos, The God of Sleep.

[Purple Spirit]: I am Tempos, the God of Time.

[Toon]: I don't care who you are... Explain yourself...

[Hypnos]: We don't have to... We will finish our business and then we will be done with...

[Jack]: I don't like the sound of that!

[Toon]: Run!

[They run past the spirits down the hallway. They head up the stairs and eventually enter the barrack.]


[Jack]: Huh, surprisingly, it's empty...

[Ben, sitting on the other side of the room]: ...Except for me....

[Toon]: Oh hey Ben....

[Ben]: You look like something's wrong?

[Jack]: We were just attacked by two spirits?

[Ben]: Spirits?

[Toon]: Yeah, one was purple and one was green. They claimed they were gods...

[Ben]: Yeah, I believe you, but what could they want!

[Jack]: We should warn the others...

[Toon]: Do you know where they went?

[Ben]: Dining hall... Let's go!

[They exit the barracks and run down the hallway. They burst into the dining hall and find all the other recruits.]


[Rob]: Ben? Jack? Toon? What's wrong?

[Jack]: There are two spirits in the academy!

[Water]: Spirits? Yeah right! I'm more likely to believe that Lotin is attacking...

[Toon]: Lotin is attacking!

[Water]: WHERE?

[Toon, annoyed]: Not really...

[Brian]: Spirits you say? What did they look like?

[Jack]: Well one was purple and the other was green. They didn't have legs and they hovered above the ground.

[Brian]: You mean like those?

[He points to behind Jack, Ben, and Toon. Hypnos and Tempos are floating behind them.]


[Tempos]: Let us introduce ourselves! I am Tempos and this is Hypnos. I am the God of Time, he is the God of Sleep.

[Hypnos]: Do not approach. We will take what is ours and then leave...

[Brian]: Never!

[Hypnos]: Fine!

[Tempos]: Then let's have some fun...

[Tempos makes a bomb appear in his hands as he runs off.]


[Paper]: Split up!

[Paper, Jack, Ben, Bink, and Water run after Tempos while the other recruits fight Hypnos.]

[Bink]: I feel like this has happened before?

[Water]: I don't...

[Jack]: Stuff like this always happens to us...

[Ben]: What do you think he meant when he said "take what is ours?"

[Paper]: I have a guess...

[Ben]: What?

[Paper]: Later, there he is!

[Tempos has stopped in front of them and placed the bomb down behind him.]

[Tempos]: This is a time bomb. If it explodes, time will stop forever...

[Bink]: Like that hasn't happened to us before!

[Water]: Not on my watch!

[Water jumps at Tempos and smacks him in the face. Bink fires magic blasts at Tempos but they accidentally hit Water, knocking him to the ground. Tempos fires a purple blast at Bink, knocking her back. Paper fires his arrows at Tempos. Some of them hit, but he avoids the others. Jack electrocutes him while Ben blasts sonic screams at him at the same time.]

[Tempos]: Enough, have fun disabling the bomb!


[He runs off. The recruits get up and approach the bomb.]

[Paper]: I can do this... I've done it before!

[He opens up a compartment and finds two wires.]

[Ben]: Pull the red one, it's always the red one...

[Jack]: No, pull the blue one, it's always the blue one...

[Paper]: Why don't you let me decide...

[Paper stares at the bomb for a moment. He pulls the blue wire, deactivating the bomb.]

[Jack]: TOLD YOU!

[Bink]: How'd you know?

[Paper]: I guessed...


[Paper]: I guessed right, didn't I?

[Jack]: Let's go back and help the others...


[They run off and eventually make it back to the others. They have fallen into a trance caused by Hypnos. There eyes and mouths are glowing red. They begin to attack the others.]

[Water]: Great! Fighting friends!

[Water tackles Rob and knocks him to the ground. Jack electrocutes Zon, but he avoids and blasts green energy at Jack. Ben blasts sonic screams at Toon and then more at Sci. Both recruits blast fire at him. Bink blasts magic attacks at Brian but he avoids and sends energy blasts at her using blasters on his hands. Paper fires an arrow at Aevan, but he avoids and launches his shadow at Paper, knocking him into the wall.]

[Paper]: Ow... ENOUGH!

[Paper blasts an arrow at Aevan knocking him down. He charges into Brian, knocking him into the wall. He jumps back and roundhouses Sci, knocking him into Toon and then backwards into Zon. He fires another arrow at Water, knocking him against the wall.]

[Jack]: Woah, Paper's on a rampage...

[Tempos comes into the room.]

[Tempos]: Brother, enough of this... We will get it another time...

[Hypnos]: Agreed...

[They disappear and the recruits return to normal.]


[Brian]: What happened?

[Bink]: Hypnos was controlling you...

[Zon]: We beat him though...

[Jack]: You only had a dream that you beat him... He is the God of sleep after all.

[Ben]: Oh, Paper, you said you had a feeling you knew what they were looking for...

[Paper]: Brian, Zon, where are the rings?

[Brian and Zon each take out their rings.]

[Brian]: They couldn't have been working for the Ringmaster, could they?

[Paper]: I don't know, but we're lucky they didn't get away with them...

[Zon]: But if they really want them, they will be back, and next time, we will beat them...


[All the recruits are in the room where the party is happening. They are talking and celebrating, but the party has quited down as it gets closer to the the New Year. Paper and Sci are standing near the middle.]

[Sci]: Next year... our first full year... With how amazing, awesome, and difficult this first year was, all at the same time might I add, I can't even imagine what the next year will bring.

[Paper]: We still have a long way's to go before the alignment, but we need to start worrying about it. It's not something that is going to end overnight... It's going to take a while, so we might as well start now...

[Sci]: And we will start, in a few weeks...

[Paper]: Is that your resolution?

[Sci]: Yes, it is...

[Paper]: My resolution is to train harder, fight harder, and never let my friends down....

[Brian]: Guys, it's almost time...

[They all turn towards a clock.]

[All]: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Plumbers' Academy
January 1, 2013, 12:00 AM EST

[All]: Happy New Year...

[Paper]: And what a great year it is going to be...

[The last panel shows all the recruits smiling.]

[The End]


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Auld Lang Syne

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