Auge is a character in the series Plumbers. He is the school's guard. He barely appears, but in 3 hours after curfew he is the main villain.


Auge will get mad at every small thing, and there is absolutly no way to escape him. Ironically, he won't be mad on stealing or bullying. He sees everything.


  • 360 vision
  • Sticking to walls
  • Shooting lasers from any of his eyes

By combining some of the eyes, he can create different lasers:

  • Freeze rays
  • Super big laser from his belly
  • Telekinetic rays to hold stuff in the air
  • Melting rays
  • Forcefields


  • Strong light
  • Touching his eyes

Species and Planet

Species: Opticoid

Planet: Sightra


Auge is exactly like eyeguy, sometimes with a flashlight.

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