Aubrey Senali, referred to simply as Aubrey, is a supporting character in Genesis: Chronocle and the love interest of Nick Stone, the protagonist.


Aubrey is described as a calm and good-nature young girl. She is nice to everyone and acts calm around most situations. She has an average sense of humor.

She is compassionate and cares deeply for her close ones, especially Nick.


She is average-height girl but is notably shorter than Nick. She has medium-length straight brown hair and brown eyes.

She wears a pair of glasses with a black frame. She wears a brown leather jacket with a black tank top underneath and dark blue jeans.


  • Nick Stone - Him being his love interest, they both care deeply for each other. Although both have stated that they are not officially boyfriend and girlfriend and are not in any serious relationships. They are often seen together.


  • She and Nick are not in an official relationship.
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