Attea is the emperor of the Incursion Empire.



Powers and Abilities

  • Long Prehensile Tongue: Her tongue can stretch 100 feet at max.
  • Sticky Tongue: Her tongue can stick to almost anything and support her weight.
  • Enhanced Jumping: She can jump 50 feet in the air.
  • Enhanced Strength: She is stronger than a Human.
  • Enhanced Durability: She is more durable than a Human.
  • Sotoraggian Language Understanding: She can understand the Sotoraggian language.


  • Foul Smells: Her nose is sensitive to foul smells, like smoke.


  • Incursean Conquest Ray: She commands the Incursean Conquest Ray. One of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy.
  • Techadon Dissipator: She has a blaster.
  • Incursean Blaster: She has a blaster.
  • Helmet: Her helmut allows her to survive in space and underwater.


December 10, 2010

After SevenSeven kidnapped Attea, her father told Ben Tennyson, as Alien X, and Gwen Tennyson that if Attea was not returned to him in an hour he would destroy Earth. He was shortly overthrown by Attea but returned to power and let the Earth live.

February 19, 2013

After Ben Tennyson returned to Earth and defeated him, Milleous was put into Plumber custody and was replaced by Attea to lead the Incursean Empire.



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