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Attack on the Knights is the fourth chapter of Attack on To'kustar. It contains volumes fourteen through sixteen of the series, and is part of the first season. It was released from June 15, 2015 to April 18, 2016, with a long hiatus between the first and second episodes.




Wendy Smith arrives in Teviv to reunite with her sister, only to find out that she has disappeared with the Forever Knights.


As an argument starts between Logan, Nathan, and Samuel over Tuesday's presence on the team, the latter explains the story of the night Tuesday joined the Knights.


As Logan and Nathan search for Trevor Faraday, the latter talks with Nathan and Hadria, but their paths converge at the center of town, where the Knights are waiting for them.





  • Teviv
    • Police station
    • Forever Knights' base
    • Tavern


  • The chapter was broken up by the first of two nine month or longer hiatuses the series has been on so far. After the chapter concluded and just four of six episodes of the next chapter were released, the series went on another major hiatus.


  • Sisters
    1. The Forever Knights are an organization of pseudo-terrorists, attempting to replace the police and cause havoc throughout the world. Though no one knows their main goal, the Knights do partake in laundering, larceny, corruption, and murder.
    2. Like the military, the Knights divide territory into each region, with a ranking Proctor over seeing each one. The Proctor of the capital region is put in charge of the entire organization.
  • Knight
    1. The government designates the year in which the To'kustars originally appeared as year 1, making the year when they disappeared the year 5, and the year when they returned year 505.
    2. Wall Via was finished first, in the year 5, shortly after the To'kustars disappeared. Wall Sera was finished in the year 8, and Wall Nova in the year 10.
  • Proctor
    1. Military training typically only takes 2 years, with the exception of the Explorer Division, which requires 4 years of training.
    2. The extra two years of training for the Explorer Division include an 18-month period in which trainees are sent in groups of 6 to live in the wilderness, in order to prepare for journeys outside the walls.


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