Attack on the Inside is the second chapter of Attack on To'kustar. It contains volumes four through nine of the series.


The team makes its journey from Ateria to Teviv; along the way, its members quickly realize that by forming the team, they are entering a conflict involving the Forever Knights and the To'kustars will result in altercations with both these groups. Meanwhile, in Ateria, the police and the military work together to save the city.



Lawrence leads his newly formed "team" to the city of Teviv to rendezvous with the police their and begin their training; meanwhile, Tuesday follows the group and starts to think of a plan to abduct Hadria.


After rescuing Hadria, the team continues along the path to Teviv, only to run into a group of To'kustars that somehow made it north; closer to Ateria, Connor chases after an unknown killer of a To'kustar.


Tuesday make an offer to the team to pretend to capture Hadria in order to throw off the Forever Knights. Nathan convinces her to capture him, too, leading to unforeseen consequences.


Tuesday remains with the team and helps them fight off a group of To'kustars; meanwhile, Connor discovers a secret passageway underneath Ateria that connects a Forever Knights base to the outside.


Vance informs his father, Webster Grace, leader of all the Forever Knights, about the recent events. Meanwhile, the team encounters the biggest To'kustar ever seen, and it possess a devastating power never before seen.


The battle with the massive To'kustar right outside Teviv continues; in Ateria, Connor and the police start clearing out the city of To'kustars and preparing for an evacuation.




Character Journey Alone Trust Loyalty Breach Destination
Jonah Bishop No No No No No No Lines
Derek Brady No No No No Yes No Lines
Hadria Carter Yes No Lines Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lawrence Carter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pietro Czeswin No No Yes Yes Yes No
Trevor Faraday No No No No No Yes
Sophia Faraday No No No No No Yes
Logan Fitzpatrick No No No No Yes Yes
Vance Grace Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Webster Grace No No No No Yes No
Pryor Hade No No No No No Yes
Teru Hikami Yes Yes Yes Yes No Lines Yes
Wayne Holcomb No Lines Yes No No Yes Yes
Arik Iverson No Lines Yes Yes Yes No Lines Yes
Michael James Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Andrew Knowles No No No Yes Yes No
Nathan Loretta Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prescott Martin No No No No No Lines Yes
Nova No No Yes No No No
Susan Quell No No No No No Lines No Lines
Krista Renth No No No No No Yes
Lars Schmidt No No No No No Yes
Sonia Schmidt No No No No No No Lines
Sven Schmidt Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Viola Schmidt No No No No No No Lines
Lily Scott Yes Yes No Lines No Lines No Lines No Lines
Sera No No Yes No No No
Tuesday Smith Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rachel Stone No No No No No Yes
Ryan Thames No No No No Yes Yes
Nico Valencia No No No No No Yes
Via No No Yes No No No
Maxwell Wagner No No No No No Yes
Kathryn Wesley Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Noelle Williams Yes No Lines Yes No Lines No Lines Yes
Samuel Wright No Lines Yes No No No Lines Yes
Connor Yan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


  • Ateria
    • Forever Knights base
    • Underground sewers
    • Wall Ateria
  • Ateria-Teviv path
  • Area near a forest and a pond (flashback)
  • Teviv
    • Police Station
    • Wall Teviv



  • Journey
    1. A day is 28 hours long; the sun typically rises between 7 and 9 AM and sets between 7 and 9 PM.
    2. There are only 350 days in the year, divided into 10 months of 5, 7 day long weeks.
  • Alone
    1. Despite the confinements of the walls, the average human lifespan is about 90 years, mostly due to there being very few diseases remaining within the walls.
    2. Humans usually go to school from age 6 to 17; under normal circumstances, humans cannot join the military until they turn 17.
  • Trust
    1. The area within the walls is divided into 13 districts. There is the capital Pluton, followed by one district in each cardinal direction, split at the walls.
    2. The districts are numbered, with the capital being one, North Nova being two, East Nova being 3, all the way through West Via, which is 13.
  • Loyalty
    1. The military is divided into five branches: the Wall Brigade, the Patrol Squad, the Regional Squad Corps, the Explorer Division, and the Royal Guard.
    2. The Wall Brigade works in the walled cities, assisting local police officers in maintaining the walls and order within the city.
  • Breach
    1. The Patrol Squad works with settlements not protected by additional walls, most of which are located within Wall Sera and Wall Nova.
    2. The Regional Squad Corps has one three person team in each of the 13 regions within the walls. They are an elite team tasked with special intercity missions.
  • Destination
    1. The Explorer Division trains for missions beyond Wall Via, in hopes of learning more about the To'kustars and reclaiming land for humanity.
    2. As of yet, the Explorers have yet to actually go beyond the walls. Their only planned mission had to be cancelled due to a fire that burned their supplies.


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