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Attack on Order is the sixth chapter of Attack on To'kustar. It contains volumes twenty three through twenty eight of the series. It is the final chapter of season one.


As the Battle of Teviv continues, questions about Espers, mysterious powered beings who live among normal humans, continue to swirl. As the Forever Knights plan to rescue one of their captured members, or eliminate him if they cannot, the army officially designates the Counter Forever Knights Task Force to deal with the situation and save the city. However, as secrets are revealed, tensions run high, and important decisions must be made, as the fate of the whole world rests in the balance. And, to top it off, two old foes reunite amidst the battle, sending the first season to a thrilling conclusion!



As the soldiers interrogate a captured Vance Grace, he reveals part of the Knights' plan and shares some information about the team's missing teammate. Meanwhile, the Knights begin a plan to free Vance, or kill him if they fail.


Nathan explains his recent actions and tells the team everything it wants to know about the mysterious powered humans who live among them. Then, the Battle of Teviv suddenly reignites, as the Knights enact their main plan, and Pietro begins a plan of his own.



Awakening, Part I

Awakening, Part II






Information Cards

  • Denial
    1. Though none of the real-world countries exist in this world, the population is pretty diverse, with people of many different ethnicities living together in peace.
    2. Though there is a plurality of Caucasians, there are also Africans, Slavs, Asians, Arabs, Hispanics, and more.
  • Battle
  • Friends
  • Secrets
  • Awakening, Part I
  • Awakening, Part II


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1310. "Evacuation"
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1416. "Proctor"
1517. "Retaliation"
1518. "Commander"
1519. "Flame"
1520. "Attack"
1521. "Voice"

1522. "Lightning"
1623. "Denial"
1624. "Battle"
1625. "Friends"
1626. "Secrets"
1627. "Awakening, Part I"
1628. "Awakening, Part II"

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