Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse
Season 0, Episode F-1
Air date TBA
Written by KrupptheCuelest
Directed by KrupptheCuelest
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Attack on Bellwood: Part 2


We See Albedo in a Dark Room, Creating a powerful Device.

[Albedo] I've Done It! The Biomnimatrix is Completed!

[Albedo] Now to Get my Revenge

Albedo Then Transform's into Hazardrillo.

[Hazardrillo] This will be Good. Wait 'till i Get my Revenge, Tennyson.

Meanwhile, In Bellwood.


[Ben] Uh-oh! That Doesn't Sound Good!

[Albedo as Hazardrillo] Tennyson!

[Ben] A-Albedo?! But How?

[Hazardrillo] I Know What your thinking. How am i Two Alien's at Once? Well I'll tell you how.

[Hazardrillo] After Azumth disabled My Ultimatrix, I Sneaked onto one of the Galvan Ship's. When I got back to Earth, I took out that orb from by Ultimatrix. Afterwards, I Created the Biomnimatrix. And now, I will destroy your home town and YOU!!!

[Ben] Not this time. Get Ready to meet Heatblast!

Ben then Transform's into Heatblast.

[Heatblast] Let's Roast this battle, Albedo.

[Hazardrillo] Your Right.

Albedo's Biomnimatrix then time's out.

[Albedo] Grava Arms!

Albedo transform's into Grava Arms.

[Grava Arms] Can Heatblast Do This!

Grava Arms then Attack's Heatblast by using his Gravity Powers

[Heatblast] Ow! I Guess i didn't think thing's Through.

The Ultimatrix then time's out. Then Grava Arms start's Chasing Him. Suddenly, Ben 23 Appears out of Nowhere.

[Ben] Ugh! What the?

[Ben 23] You leave him ALONE!

[Grava Arms] WHAT? You Again!

Ben 23 then transform's into Build-A-Guy.

[Mad Ben] Oi! Need some Help?

Mad Ben then Transform's into NRG.

[Build-A-Guy] Quick! Turn into Someone!

[Ben] Okay! Here Come's Four Arms!

[Rocks] Are you KIDDING ME!

[Build-A-Guy] Rock Man? Seriously?

[Rocks] It's Not my fault. And it's Rocks!

To Be Continued...

Major Events



Aliens Used

By Ben:

By Albedo:

By Ben 23:
By Mad Ben:
  • Mad NRG


  • Heatblast Gets his Ultimate Alien Appearance.
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