Albedo 10
Season 1, Episode 5
Attack of Eunice
Air date 12/15/11
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Albedo as Lodestar was helping the citizens of Bellwood rebuild the quarter-mile large hole from the last episode. He was putting together the metal supports of a building using his magnetic powers. The hole was re-filled with dirt from Albedo using Armodrillo offscreen. Meanwhile a meteor fell into a nearby forest.

Lodestar: What was that? (transforms) Jetray!

Jetray flew over to the hole the meteor made. In the hole was a metal pod, and out of it came Eunice wearing an ebony jumpsuit.

Eunice: Prepare to die!

Theme Song!

Eunice copied Jetray’s powers and flew up, then blasted Jetray with neuroshock beams. Jetray turned into Humongausor, grew to his maximum hight, grabbed Eunice by the leg, and smashed her into the ground. Humongausor then turned into Chromastone to absorb another volley of neuroshock blasts. Chromastone used his own energy blasts, which knocked Eunice down. She copied the powers of a fleeing bear and jumped onto Chromastone, knocking him over. She then used her bear strength to start smashing Chromastone to pieces.

Chromastone: Enough of this (transform) Humongausor! (goes Ultimate) Ultimate Humongausor! (lets call him UH)

UH used his superstrength to pick up Eunice, turn her back to an Unitrix core, and throw the core into the pod.

UH: Bye-bye, Unitrix.

UH pressed a button that lunched the pod, with the Unitrix in it, into space.





  • Eunice

Aliens used

By Albedo

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