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Albedo 10
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date 7/15/12
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Kurt 10: Heroes United
More Power!


Kevin and Gwen were standing in front of seven screens showing the League of Light.

Kevin: Are you sure?

Light Figure #3: We are sure. With the power of Ben’s Ultimatrix, you will be powerful enough to get the Map of Infinity, capture a baby Celestialsapien, and bring it to us.

Ben stepped out of the shadows and held out his Ultimatrix. Kevin absorbed the energy, turning into Ult. Kevin.

Theme Song!

Light Figure #4: You are ready.

Ult. Kevin: I have my own plan and it does not involve you.

Ult. Kevin absorbed Gwen and Ben’s life forces, smashed the screens, and flew off to Earth. Meanwhile on Earth, Albedo as AlbedoKraab was training with Kraab. AlbedoKraab blasted a car nearby.

Kraab: Good.

Ult. Kevin flew down and broke the street.

Ult. Kevin: Albedo, surrender your life force.

AlbeboKraab: How about no?

AlbedoKraab charged at Ult. Kevin while Kraab charged with his sword. Ult. Kevin knocked AlbedoKraab away and absorbed Kraab’s life force.

Ult. Kevin: Face it Albedo, you can’t win!

Osmoso: Oh, yeah? (transforms) Rahrahrahooo!(translation: Wildmutt!) (goes Ultimate) Ultimate Wildmutt!

Ult. Wildmutt pounced and bit Ult. Kevin’s shoulder while slashing at him with his claws. Ult. Kevin went intangible, flew through Ult. Wildmutt, and hovered above the frozen alien. Ult. Wildmutt turned into Heatblast and melted the ice.

Ult. Kevin: I will get the Map of Infinity, absorb the baby Celestialsapien, and you and the rest of the Multiverse will burn. But first I will absorb more life forces, to boost my power!

Ult. Kevin flew off while Heatblast detransformed.

Albedo: No matter what you do, I will defeat you!





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