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Atomizer is the Hexatrix's DNA sample of a Angstrom in Simien 10: Polyverse and Simien 10: Blood Monkey.

General Information
Species Angstrom
Home World Chembe
Body Small Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Atomic Manipulation

Atomic Vision

Users Zyrokks Cripton
Series Simien 10: Blood Monkey
First Appearance Stronger


Atomizer is an small humanoid alien about 1 foot tall. Atomizer's body is composed of multiple "atoms" colored blue and red, which are connected with glowing light blue energy.

Atomizer's head is half blue and half red with two yellow eyes as the only facial features.

Powers and Abilities

  • Atomic Manipulation

Atomizer has complete control over all atoms in a large radius surrounding him. This gives him complete matter manipulation at a subatomic level, allowing him to control any material, instantly eradicate almost any living being, or even create nuclear explosions.

  • Atomic Vision

Atomizer can see every materials atomic structure within his zone of control. He can also remember the atomic structure of objects, allowing him to clone them if he has correct materials.

  • Small Size

Atomizer's small size can also be used to his advantage as he can pass undetected or enter small spaces, however these uses are rather redundant due to his incredibly powerful atom manipulation.


Atomizer cannot control intangible materials, as they are not composed of atoms. He also cannot control energy, meaning he cannot block laser beams or electricity, or space/time objects, such as portals.

Atomizer's atom controlling is bound to a certain radius around him, although he can still fire material from the radius.

Atomizer cannot change an atom's atomic number, meaning he cannot change elements to something different, although he can perform actions such as changing a carbon's form from diamond to graphite.

In order to create something new, Atomizer must have complete knowledge of its structure and the correct materials.

Atomizer himself is rather fragile, and dealing enough damage to his body can eventually break him apart and cause a massive explosion.



  • Atomizer was originally an alien named Atomix, after the Ben 10,000 who was unknown at the time of his creation. Atomizer has the same abilities as Atomix, but his name was changed to avoid confusion.



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