Atomix 2.0
Atomix 2.0 UPDATED
General Information
Species Upgraded Unknown
Home Planet Unknown
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Manipulation

Atomic Blasts

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability


Equipment None
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
Regular Form Atomix
First Appearance Unknown

Atomix 2.0 is the Upgraded Form of Atomix.

Physical Appearance

Atomix 2.0 is very similar to his regular form. However, the color of his body is lighter. More changes include:

  • His shoulders are green, representing armor.
  • He now has an extra circle surrounding the one on his chest, making it look even more like a giant Omnitrix symbol.
  • He has green finger-less gloves.
  • The spikes near his shoulders are longer.
  • The area on his legs above his knees are green.
    • His shoulders are green, with white surrounding them.
  • The area on his legs below his knees are now dark grey/black.
    • His feet are also black.
  • He has wires connecting the tubes on his arms to the energy containers on his shoulders.
  • He has a black collar underneath his neck.
  • His head is slightly longer than his regular head.
  • The bolts on his cheeks are black.
  • The area underneath his eyes is black.
  • The area above his eyes, and the area where his mouth is, are now connected.

Powers and Abilities

Atomix 2.0 mostly has the same abilities as he had before, but his powers have increased dramatically. He can use his powers without having to recite a chant, or name the attack while doing it. He can chant or recite while doing the attack only ro make hime focus and more stronger attack. However, him being able to do this also requires him to use up more energy than before.


All of Atomix's weaknesses.


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