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Atomix is an additional Tomas 10 alien.

File:Atomix (T10).jpg
General Information
Species Fisselian
Home World Nucleatus Reactus
Body Radiactive Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Nuclearkinesis (Controls Radiation)

Energy Ray Blasts

Electric Conducting Hands

Enhanced Strength and Durability

First Appearance "Nuclear Disaster"


Atomix is a powerful, but dangerous form of Tomas. Atomix is made entirely of nuclear energy and can control this at will. His body is held together by specialized pads. Without them he'd be a pile of radioactive goop. His body has a skeleton to allow him to be able to move normally.

Powers and Abilities[]

Atomix is made of radioactive nuclear energy, giving him the ability to blast or absorb energy at will. However, Atomix releases small amounts of radiation that cannot be seen. If someone is around Atomix for too long, they will absorb radiation without even knowing it. Atomix can also focus his radiation into energy rays to fire from his hands and feet. By clapping his hands with enough force, Atomix is able to conduct electrcity on his hands. Above all this, Atomix has enhanced strength and durability making him a powerful opponent in hand-to-hand combat.



  • Since Atomix releases radiation and is dangerous to be around other life, Tomas prefers to not particularily use him.
  • Atomix is the forth strongest alien in Tomas' arsenal. Before is Way Big, Four Arms, and Drillbit.