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Mad Atomix is the Power Watch's DNA sample of a member from an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Mad Atomix has a humanoid robotic appearance. He has an orange and white body with large vents on his shoulders, that are full of an orange energy. He has the same energy on his radiation symbol-shaped chest. His mouth doesn't move when he talks and his head is a rounded, black helmet with a respiration mask. He has orange spikes all over his body.

MadAtomix wears the Power Watch symbol on his orange and white belt.

Powers and Abilities

As his name implies, Mad Atomix can create and manipulate atomic or nuclear energy using his hands, which can do a massive amount of damage to its surroundings. Fundamentally, he is a walking nuclear reactor.

Mad Atomix is able to activate his cylinders on his arms and his radiation symbol-shaped chest to melt nearby objects.

Mad Atomix is capable of flight and, as such, he can perform a flying ramming attack called the Fissile Whistle.

Mad Atomix is strong enough to take out an Evolved Vaxasaurian with a single punch, and kick an object up nearly past a planet's atmosphere.

Mad Atomix can generate a massive blast of energy dubbed "Ultimate Winner". This move can easily knock out enemies, as well as devastate the surrounding area.

Mad Atomix's hard body gives him substantial protection against physical attacks.

Mad Atomix can generate an orb of nuclear energy called a Fusion Cuisine, which can burn up Ectonurites and greatly harm Vladats. The light generated by the orb is shown to be very bright, as everyone present gets blinded by it. He can also make the attack continue even after he turns back into Ben.

Mad Atomix can produce nuclear energy shields for defense.


Mad Atomix is boundlessly overconfident and can cause a total meltdown.

Mad Atomix can get tired after using up most of his energy.




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