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BBO Atomix
General Information
Species Nicleoan
Home World Nicleoa
DNA source Unknown
Body Humanoid Metallic Skeleton
Powers and Abilities
Abilities TBA
Voice Actor Kirk Thornton
First Appearance Last Laugh (BBO)

Atomix is the Infinity's DNA sample of a Nicleoan from the planet Nicleoa in Bryce Bowman: Origins


Atomix looks like a charred, human skeleton surrounded by green, atomic fire.

He wears a black jacket that resembles a suit jacket. Black pants cover his skeletal legs. He also wears a silver belt.

Pieces of Atomix's ever-burning and regenerating body rise into the nuclear fire that eminates from his exposed forearms and head.

The Infinity appears on his belt.

Transformation Sequence

The Infinity pulses with green energy, as Bryce's skin starts peeling back. The green light intensifies and Bryce's arm burns. The camera spins around Bryce as his whole body is burned away, leaving only a charred skeleton, hunched over. The camera zooms to his face, then boom! His eyes light up with green fire, which swirls around his head and torso, igniting life in him. Atomix stands tall with his arms at his side and nuclear fire rising from his exposed, skeletal body.


Azmuth unlocked Atomix in Secrets: Part 2.

In Last Laugh (BBO), Atomix failed to defeat a group of Megawatts.

In Monster of the Earth, Atomix was used to help Vicktor Stein defeat s small band of Gaia's rock monsters.

In Bowman 10,000 (Episode), Atomix helped Ultimate Bowman defeat Death Dragon.

In Nemesis Returns, Nemevoc used Atomix to fight Bryce as Rockslide.

Powers and Abilities

Atomix is getting a rework. More information later.



John Smith 10: Spacewalker



  • The idea for Atomix was created when Brywarrior first saw Ken 10.
    • After the retcon and redesign, he doesn't even remotely resemble my original idea for this alien. Still cool, though.
  • Atomix speaks like he's struggling to breathe .
  • Atomix's species was created during an interplanetary war.
    • They were created by mistake when nuclear weapons were used on aliens who possessed rapid regeneration.
    • The radiation from the bombs fused with the bodies of the people affected and put them in a perpetual state of atomic vaporization.
    • They eventually learned to manipulate the atomic energy in a form of "nuclear fire".
  • All of my Fanon aliens are Free to use, I only ask that you add their information on this page under subheadings for your series.
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