Atombolt is the combination of Atomix's and Connonbolt's DNA. He can only be accessed by using the Biomnitrix.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Cannonbolt, Atombolt can curl into a ball but also has Atomix's power of nuclear energy manipulation and the more he rolls, the more energy he generates.

He can move at great speeds.

Atombolt can generate heat from his hands and Omnitrix-shaped chest to melt nearby objects.

Atombolt can also house people and fairly large objects within his spheroid form.

His armor is as strong as cannonbolt's and is able to withstand even a drop from space without harm from the heat of re-entering the atmosphere, though he can still suffer from mild pain from the force of the impact.

Atombolt is capable of doing a massive blast of atomic energy that can easily knock out Negative Ultimate Humungousaur and other enemies, as well as devastate the surrounding area.

He can also ricochet and bounce off surfaces in his spheroid form and use his energy to ram into objects/people so hard that it can even knock out Way Big.


Atombolt is boundlessly overconfident and can cause a total meltdown.

Atombolt is subjected to the physical laws of reflection and conservation of momentum, meaning that he has difficulty stopping or controlling his direction if he picks up speed.

Atombolt's bipedal form is top-heavy, making him very unbalanced and clumsy, though he can still manage to use his curled shape to enhance his agility.

using to much energy at once can overload Atombolt and cause him to explode.

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