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Atom Alien
General Information
Species Nucleolan
Home World Quantena
Body humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Absorb, meld, or replace all forms of matter and energy

Transform one form of matter into another
Mimic the materials around
Shape matter around to create powerful weapons and armor

First Appearance unknown

Atom Alien is a DNA sample of a Nucleolan from Quantena.He will appear in the series Weird William.


Atom Alien has an armored body,which looks similar to a space suit or something like that.He has a tiny face inside a bubble helmet-like structure over his head.His armor is highlighted blue,while his 'helmet' is fluroscent green.There seems to be some buttons which may have some use in his armor,probably to survive in vacuum.

Powers and Abilities[]

Atom Alien is a being whose atoms are constantly splitting and then reforming just as quickly ,releasing massive amounts of energy. His power can be manipulated in different ways, one of them is the ability to transmute physical matter. He could absorb, meld or replace all forms of matter and energy. His abilities also include transformation of one form of matter to another. He can mimic the material around him. He can also shape matter around to create powerful weapons and armor. He also has shapeshifting capabilities.