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Species Dee Enay
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Body Molecular
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Elemental control

Controlled evolution

Atom is an alien I created during a science lesson. He is free for anyone to use just give me credit.

Powers and Abilities

Atom can control every single element. Water, fire, earth, air, technology - EVERYTHING! He can also fly and spin (when he spins he looks similar to a Beyblade) with super speed. He can also move with superspeed (obviously). Every being of Atom's species has the ability to evolve. This evolution is not like becoming Ultimate, it just makes them larger and stronger. They can only evolve for a limited amount of time then they will automatically return to their normal forms, as each Dee Enay matures their ability to control their evolution grows longer. Atom can also transform, into any form because he is matter and everything is made up of matter.


Atom looks like a water molecule. He is three atoms put together, but is the size of an Earth cow. He is red and white in appearance. When he naturally evolves he becomes all red with grey bonds. He has a round head, oval body, round hands and a spiked bottom with a round ball.

Jack 10

Atom makes his debut in The Life of a Villain when Kcaj fights Jack. He was unlocked by Rin off screen.


Jack 10


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