AeroHawk is a bird-humanoid type alien, a Hawkner from Hawkon. This alien has a lot of courage and protects his allies with brutal strenght. He is similar to  Kickin Hawk because he almost has the same battle style, but he can fly like Astrodactyl but without a jet pack. He is an alien from the Omnitrox.


  • Flight
  • Sharp claws
  • The Dagger Claws can aborb energy
  • Armored shield wings which it can use as shields as well
  • Long distance vision
  • Can lift object that are about four times havier then him 
  • Can generate and shoot air torpedoes
  • Can generate energy whips from his hands
  • Can swim and breath underwater
  • Can shoot energy blasts from it torso
  • Super Strenght
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