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General Information
Species Energian
Home World Polar
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Celestrial Puissance (Professor Brandon)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Energy Manipulation
First Appearance A Hero Returns Part 2

Astro is an alien transformation in the series, Brandon 10.


In Alien Force, Astro is a tall blue alien with a floating head. Astro has triangle-like hands and feet and round holes in his hands. He has the Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

In Ultimate Hero, Astro's appearance does not change majorly from his Alien Force appearance and the Ultimatrix symbol appears on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Astro has the ability to shoot pure blue energy beams from his hands. He can also fly at high speeds just as well as hover in one place, horizontally or vertically. As seen in Tomb Raider, He can also charge up and release a ball of pure energy used for light rather than offense nor defense. In The Spy Who Evolved Me, Astro is shown to be able to withstand radioactive energy however not completely. Astro was able to replicate energy frequencies in The Dark Dimension Part 1 which allowed him to enter energy shields.


Astro can be weakened by radioactive and contaminated energies.


Alien Force

Ultimate Hero

Video Games

Online Games



  • He was planned on having a neck but the design didn't fit
  • Astro was based off of energy but the name comes from Astronomy, the study of stars.
  • Just like Loch Ness, Astro appeared in the first episode of both Alien Force and Ultimate Hero.
  • Theoretically, Astro is one of Brandon's most powerful aliens.


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