Astral I
Series Astral Franchise
Genre Role-Playing Game
Release Date Cancelled
Platforms PC/Xbox
Modes Singleplayer
Created By User: Reo 54
Game Guide

Astral I is the 1st video game in Astral Franchise.


You start by choosing one of the main characters. Then you must carry out the role of this character trough out the adventures of the team. As the game goes on, you are able to learn different skills, that will change the quest you are given and your role in different boss fights.

Playable Characters

  • Robert "Rob" Dawn
  • Eve Louis
  • Daniel "Dan" Powers
  • Victoria "Vicky" Myers
  • Jerome Clark
  • Tina Kavaghan

Non-Playable Characters

  • Victor Clark
  • Zenox
  • Pyronite Soldiers
  • Pyronite General
  • Aquazenite Warriors
  • Aquazenite General
  • Jetrax
  • Jetrax's Rebel Gang
  • William Schmitz
  • ALPHA One
  • ALPHA Two
  • ALPHA Three



The Story differs based on wich character you choose.


You are given a little backstory on your character, saying how he grew up, about his presonality and hobbies. it gives you all the needed info about the character like skills and interests as well as benefits.

When done with the into, you get introduced to the rest of the gang. You get a little update on what they have found.

Level 1

You travel to Egypt. The Team splits the tasks, depending on your character, your quest will differ

Quest 1

You have to either go down into the mine or go to the library. In the library, you have to read info on ancient Egypt and it's Mythology. In the Mine, you have to watch out for traps and try to find secret areas. 

Note: You can find secrets in the library that can get you better quests later on.

To Be Completed

Cheat Codes

  • /Rand0mSkill- selects are random skill from your character if you can't decide.
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