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[[File:Asterolm In Josh10 Ultimaverse|235px]]
General Information
Species Coloarian
Home World Coloara
Body Read The 32 Words After Reading "Asterolm Is The New Alien Confirmed For JOSH 10: ULTIMAVERSE."
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Creates Multicolored ThunderStorms By Roaring, Bites With His Right Hand
First Appearance The New Beginning

Asterolm Is The Codon Stream's DNA Sample Of A Coloarian From The Planet Coloara. He Looks Like The Nega-Wisp Armor From The Canon Video Game, Sonic Colors But Except He Now Has 3 ForeHead Bands And He Wears The Ultimatrix Symbol On His ForeHead.

Asterolm In Josh10 Ultimaverse2

Final Asterolm


Normal Media[]

  • The New Beginning (First Appearence)

Video Games[]