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Assignment 16
E-10 Ep 6 - Assignment 16
General Information
Original broadcast November 2, 2018
Season 1
Episode number 6
Overall episode number 06
Written by Ebomnitrix & Kakapokid5 & Prof Jake
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Assignment 16 is the sixth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Lieutenant Steel sends Ethan on his sixteenth assignment when he asks him to go after a group of metahumans who've stolen alien technology.


Initial Intrusion

[The scene started with a bright light, only to pan down to a battalion of boots running across a green floor.]


[A large group of soldiers were running through the hallways, holding weapons and ballistic shields with “SACT” engraved on them. Lieutenant Steel arrived next to them and ran ahead of them.]

Lieutenant Steel: What’s the status?

SACT Soldier: Three felons somehow broke through our security. They wiped out half our soldiers in a single blow.

Lieutenant Steel: What? That’s impossible! Did they have some kind of weapon?

SACT Soldier: No, sir.

Lieutenant Steel: Were they alien?

SACT Soldier: No sir.

Lieutenant Steel: Then we must be dealing with Metahumans again.

[Lieutenant Steel glanced to the soldier on his right.]

Lieutenant Steel: Go grab Experiment M1-2.

SACT Soldier 2: Right away, sir!

[He ran away from the group and the scene cut to two figures running from the soldiers. One figure was a tall african american male and the other was an australian female. Soon, a soldier spotted them and they turned to him as soon as he pointed them out.]

SACT Soldier 3: There they are!

SACT Soldier 4: Don’t let ‘em get away!

[The two ran away while the soldiers began to open fire. The african american stopped, turned over to the soldiers, and stomped on the ground. The ground shook like rough waves and knocked the soldiers back. He turned around and dashed away from the soldiers. The scene shifted to the two infiltrators arriving in a large room with a large doorway, leading to the exit.]

Firearm: There, I can see it! We’re almost there.

Waverider: About time! The boss is gonna be happy when he sees this.

[To their surprise, soldiers jumped from the top floor, blocking the exit. A tank rolled up behind the soldiers which prevented them from leaving.]

Firearm: Shit!

[They turned around and saw a large group of soldiers with their weapons and shields raised up. Lieutenant Steel then walked over to them with a large weapon strapped around his back.]

Lieutenant Steel: I don’t believe I need to say the obvious here. So, I’m going to ask you this. Come down quietly and give yourself up.

Firearm: Oh, really?

[Her arm glowed and she created a loaded crossbow and aimed it at Lieutenant Steel.]

Firearm: I’ve been itching for a good fight ever since my eye was taken out.

Lieutenant Steel: Have it your way.

[Lieutenant Steel sat his weapon down, positioned it carefully, and fired a large blue laser. Before Firearm could launch her bow, she was consumed by the blast. She fell to the ground and began to scream.]

Waverider: What are you…?!

Lieutenant Steel: The SACT Metahuman Absorption Blaster. It sucks out the energy of Metahumans like yourself, and can even kill if blasted at a high intensity. This is what you get for intruding on my property.

SACT Soldier: You should’ve surrendered, kid.

Waverider: NO!

[Waverider, furious, stomped on the ground and launched a massive tremor at the soldiers. It threw all the soldiers and Lieutenant Steel back. He turned around created another one, throwing more soldiers back. The tank blocking the exit was flung back and went flying into the parking lot, exploding. Firearm, covered in smoke, turned over to Waverider, who gave her his hand.]

Waverider: I gotcha, miss.

[Firearm grabbed his hand and they ran outside. They soon arrived to a truck outside, where a chubby Asian male was sound asleep in the driver’s seat. The Metahumans quickly jumped in.]

Firearm: GO, GO!

[The Asian male woke with a start, and turned his key into the ignition. A vehicle drove off into the desert.]

Process: So, did you got what we came for?

Firearm: Oh yeah. All we need is right in here.

[She held out a small blue energy cube from her pocket. The scene shifted to Lieutenant Steel and some agents getting up, seeing the wreckage around them.]

SACT Soldier: Sir, they got away.

Lieutenant Steel: So I’ve noticed.

SACT Soldier: What are you going to do?!

Lieutenant Steel: There’s only one person I know who can help us now…


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows
Your Mission, Mr. Wellington

[The scene transitioned into the SACT base the next night, still under repairs. Ethan, Alice, and Nikki enter inside as the girls marvel at the setting around them. The inside was filled with all kinds of technology, weapons and monitors.]

Nikki: This place is amazing! How did they get this place so teched up?!

Ethan: Alien tech, probably.

Alice: I bet not even NASA is at this level yet!

Ethan: They aren’t, but these people technically work for NASA, so…

Alice: Oh.

[They approach an automatic glass door, which opened in front of them and they proceed to enter a control room. Lieutenant Steel took a sip of his coffee and walked over to them.]

Lieutenant Steel: Ah, hello there, Ethan. Glad you could come at such short notice. Alice, nice to see you again.

Alice: Hello there.

Lieutenant Steel: And you, are...?

Nikki: Nikki.

Lieutenant Steel: Ah. You mind explaining this?

Ethan: She helped me take down an evil magician two weeks ago.

Lieutenant Steel: Do I need to brain zap her or something?

Nikki: Don’t worry, I can keep a secret.

Lieutenant Steel: Good. [Eyes Ethan.] Now, stop telling people. Listen, there’s a reason why I brought you down here.

[Their faces went from curious to serious.]

Lieutenant Steel: As you know, our operation was infiltrated by a group of Metahumans. They stole some alien tech, and we don’t have any idea who these people are.

[Lieutenant Steel shows them photographs of the infiltrators, who were wearing masks to cover their faces.]

Alice: Metahumans?

Nikki: You mean like those humans with superpowers in the movies?

Lieutenant Steel: If that's how you want to look at it, yes. We've had a shipment of weapons that were stolen when they arrived here. Then, after that, they wiped out most of our men. We've spent all day trying to track them, but we haven’t been able to find out where they’re hiding.

Ethan: Actually, Lieutenant, there’s been something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.

[Lieutenant Steel raised his head up and looked at Ethan with a straight face.]

Ethan: Last month, I found the guys who stole my backpack. You know, the people who have been stealing alien tech from you.

Lieutenant Steel: Why didn’t I hear about this sooner?

Ethan: I’ll tell you about it later. But apparently, they’ve sent a mole inside your base, who's letting them get to your weapons. And if by chance this is the same mole that let those people steal those weapons...

Lieutenant Steel: That means any one of my men could be a spy working for those bastards. I’ll have to investigate this myself.

Nikki: I can do it! I can search through the database and try to find as much intel as I can to find out who’s the one sneaking inside your base.

Lieutenant Steel: Are you sure? We can always use one of our professional hackers.

Nikki: You’re probably going to send Ethan on some big mission anyway, I’d rather do this than sit and do nothing. Plus, you don’t want word getting out, right?

[Lieutenant Steel narrowed his eyes, and turned to Ethan. Ethan nodded his head. Lieutenant Steel turned back to Nikki.]

Lieutenant Steel: Alright, I’ll unlock the systems so you can find whatever you can about the intruder. But just so you know, it’ll be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I’d much rather have someone else do this.

Nikki: No worries, Hannibal taught me everything I need to know about computer hacking. And he knows an awful lot too.

Lieutenant Steel: If you can find out where those Metahumans are hiding, let me know.

Nikki: Will do.

[The track ended. The scene shifted to a building with a sign reading “Victor Labs” outside. Inside was a room filled to the brim with technology, artifacts, and rocks. The room was surrounded by various statues of people. A figure was admiring a particular statue while fiddling with a few marbles in his hand. His back was turned to the entrance as Process, Firearm, and Waverider walked into the room.]

Waverider: ‘Sup boss, we’re ba-ack!

????: How was the mission?

Process: It was a piece of cake. We did run into a bit of trouble, though.

????: How much trouble…?

[The figure’s head turned toward them, giving them a soul-piercing gaze. He crushed the marbles in his hand.]

Waverider: Oh, it was nothing, sir! Don’t worry! We were able to pull through, no sweat.

Firearm: We got what we came for.

[Firearm held the cube and activated a switch, slightly opening the energy cube. Firearm walked over to the figure and handed him the cube. He took a look inside and raised his eyebrows. He then closed the cube and threw it back to the group. Process was lying down on his chair, and the cube bounced off his head. Firearm launched an energy whip to grab the cube before it hit the ground. She pulled it back to her.]

????: Good work, my servants. Our buyer will be very pleased with this.

Waverider: Now that we have the item, where do we deliver this to?

????: Our buyers will meet us by the docking bay at exactly 1:30 AM. Now, if you may excuse me, I have other matters to attend to. I trust you will keep the energy cube safe while I’m gone.

Process: [Reclining back in his chair] No problem.

[The figure left the room and Firearm looked at the energy cube.]

Firearm: Everything is going according to plan. Soon, nothing will stand in our way.

[We zoom to a nearby computer, with the webcam flashing unnoticed. The scene cuts to Nikki.]

Assignment 16 - Found'Em - Eliminate It

Nikki: Got it, they’re at Victor Labs.

Lieutenant Steel: Good work, Nikki. I’m impressed. [Walks over to Ethan.] Alright, Ethan. It’s time for your next assignment.

[At the SACT garage, a few trucks began loading up. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Steel was speaking to Ethan and Alice.]

Ethan: Why’d you bring me out here?

Lieutenant Steel: I’m sending a squad with you to take down the Metahumans. They’re too dangerous for you to take on alone, and we don’t know what they’re fully capable of yet. Once you take them out, bring them back here, and make sure they’re still alive.

Ethan: Yes, sir.

Alice: What about me, sir?

Lieutenant Steel: You should probably stay here where it’s safe. You don’t wanna get yourself hurt trying to protect your friend here.

Alice: Are you kidding me? Ethan’s the one who needs me. After all, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

[Ethan gave her an irritated look with a vein popping out of the side of his head. Alice stuck her tongue out at him. Lieutenant Steel sighed.]

Lieutenant Steel: Fine, but we’ll have to give you a biosuit.

Alice: What?!

Lieutenant Steel: [He whistles to a soldier.] Hey! Bring this lady a biosuit!

SACT Soldier: Will do! [Runs off]

Lieutenant Steel: Trust me kid, you’ll need this in order to stay safe.

[Alice nodded. The scene shifted to the SACT trucks finishing loading up. Ethan and Alice made it inside one of the vehicles and they drove off, leaving the base.]

Lieutenant Steel: I’m counting on you.

[As they left the SACT base, the scene then shifted to them arriving outside of Victor Labs. The trucks stopped, and the soldiers, Alice, and Ethan stepped outside.]

Ethan: You ready for this?

[Alice walked over to him, wearing a blue and silver equipped and armored biosuit.]

Alice: I think so. [Her gloves sparkled with electricity.]

[They walked over to the building.]

Ethan: You know, this’ll be my sixteenth assignment I’ve ever done for the SACT.

Alice: Really? What’s it like working for them all this time?

Ethan: It has its ups and downs, but it’s overall pretty straightforward. Steel’s never asked me to take on anything as tough as these guys are supposed to be, though.

[The soldiers began approaching the two.]

SACT Soldier: Alright, Mr. Wellington, how should we approach the Metahumans?

Ethan: We’re going to take different ends. Alice and I will take the front entrance, you guys take the sides and the back exits, and we’ll group in to make sure that we have them surrounded.

SACT Soldier: Understood, move out!

[The soldiers ran off to the other side of the building.]

Alice: Are you sure this is a good idea? You heard what Lieutenant Steel said, his whole army alone couldn’t take them out.

Ethan: Relax, as long as we’ve got them cornered, they won’t have anywhere to run. Just trust me on this one.

[Meanwhile, downstairs, an alarm came from a high-tech monitor. Process was lying back on his chair, fast asleep.]

Firearm: What is that?

Waverider: Hey! Sleeping Beauty! I thought I told you to keep track of the monitor, you insolent fool!

Process: [Jolts awake] Oh, sorry.

[The group looked over at the monitor to find people infiltrating their base.]

Waverider: Oh, great.

Firearm: Don’t worry, luv, we’ll take care of this and be out at by the docks as the master planned.

[Meanwhile, as Nikki checked the monitors, she looked at Victor Labs to find three energy signatures moving around inside. Nikki spoke on their comms as Ethan and Alice walked through a dark-green metallic hallway lit up by blue lights.]

Nikki: I detected three energy signatures located in the basement.

Ethan: Good work, Nikki. Soldiers, do we have all the exits sealed?

SACT Soldier: I got the northwest end covered.

SACT Soldier 2: I got the east.

Ethan: Good. Alice and I will approach the Metahumans up front. Back team, prepare to strike when you see them. Wish us luck.

[Ethan ended the comm.]

Alice: So, what’s the plan, Ethan?

Ethan: I’m going to bring some more numbers.

[Ethan activated his watch. The core popped up, and the hourglass symbol turned into a diamond, revealing Echo Echo’s icon. Ethan raised up his arm and slammed down.]

[ECHO ECHO TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised out his arm, and a white material covered his arm, then spread over his entire body. Ethan’s face then began to change. His ears formed into headphone pieces and cords began sticking out as they plugged into his back. Everything zoomed out to his front as Echo Echo raised up his arms, striking a pose. A bright flash shined at the camera, and the green light faded.]

[Meanwhile, from the back of the building, the soldiers walked through a different metallic hallway. They heard footsteps coming from behind them and turned around. Nothing was there. They turned back around, only to hear louder footsteps. They looked over at the other end to find nothing. They then looked up, and saw Process hanging from the ceiling.]

Process: Hey.

[His body glowed a light pink, and he unleashed his aura at them. From afar, Echo Echo and Alice heard their screams. They ran over toward the noise and found nothing.]

Echo Echo: What was that?

Alice: I’m not sure.

[They heard a female scream from the other hallway. Echo Echo’s body glowed and he created four clones.]

Echo Echo: You take the west end, I’ll take the east end!

Alice, Echo Echo Clones: Right.

[Alice and two Echo Echo clones ran over to the west, while the other three ran down the hallway. Alice and the two Echo Echo’s made it to one end and saw a blond female laying on the ground. The three ran over to her.]

Alice: Are you okay? Did somebody attack you?

[She turned over and revealed to be Firearm, smirking.]

Firearm: No.

[Firearm launched an energy blast and it threw Alice backwards. Two Echo Echo’s screamed their sound wave attacks at her. Firearm covered her ears.]

Firearm: Bloody hell!

[Firearm created an energy flintlock pistol, and shot all the Echo Echo clones. They fell to the ground and disappeared. Alice looked up and saw Firearm approaching her.]

Firearm: Now it’s just you and me…

[Meanwhile, Waverider shook the ground with waves launching the agents back into the wall. Echo Echo approached Waverider and screamed his soundwave attack at him. Waverider launched another earth wave, hitting the Echo Echo clone and making him disappear. Waverider turned around and saw another Echo Echo clone.]

Waverider: What the...?! There’s more of you!

[Echo Echo duplicated himself into an army of clones.]

Echo Echo: Oh yeah, and there’s a lot more where that came from! Scatter!

[The Echo Echo clones ran away from Waverider and he chased after them. Soon he found himself an empty hallway.]

Waverider: I don’t care how many of you there are, I’ll take you all out!

Echo Echo (Voice): I wouldn’t say that.

[Waverider smashed the ground and unleashed a wave, but nothing was hit.]

Echo Echo (Voice): Come on, was that your best shot?

[He launched another one, and realized no one was there.]

Waverider: Where are you? Show yourself!

Echo Echo (Voice): Oh, I’m everywhere!

[Waverider realized he was in a trap, and the Echo Echo clones surrounded him at every turn inside a room that had multiple blocked hallways surrounding the area. Waverider kept turning to see more and more clones appear.]

Echo Echoes: Echo, Echo, E-Echo, Echo… CHAMBER!!!

[The Echo Echoes launched their Echo Chamber attack. Sound waves from every direction blasted at Waverider and he screamed out of the top of his lungs, holding onto his ears. Enraged, he launched an attack on the ground, and multiple shockwaves were launched at the Echo Echo clones, throwing them all back, unconscious. Waverider took deep breaths and ran out of the room. Waverider spoke on his own comm.]

Waverider: Guys, we have to evacuate now.

[Process lifted a SACT weapon in the air, and used it to stab one of the soldiers.]

Process: Copy that.

Firearm: Aw, can’t I have just a little more fun?

[She tried stabbing Alice with her energy saber and Alice responded back by clashing with her own blade.]

Waverider (Comm.): I’m serious, if we don’t leave now, we’ll never make it to our operation in time!

Firearm: Oh, fine! It’s been fun, but I’ve got to run.

[Firearm created an energy rope from her arm and tangled Alice into the ground. Firearm then ran off and the scene shifted to one of the Echo Echo clones waking up, scratching his head.]

Echo Echo: Huh?

[Echo Echo saw that his other clones were down.]

Echo Echo: Uh oh.

[Echo Echo’s body glew and the clones returned to him. He then ran off to see soldiers knocked out, and some covered in blood. Echo Echo ran into another direction and saw Alice tangled in energy rope. Alice activated her energy saber, and managed to cut herself free. She stood up.]

Alice: Ethan, the Metahuman, she...

Echo Echo: No time. Which way?

[Alice ran towards the direction Firearm escaped and Echo Echo followed her. They ran outside to see the metahumans fleeing the scene in their vehicle.]

Echo Echo: Aw, man…

[We shift back to inside Lieutenant Steel’s office, as Ethan and Alice sat in front of Lt. Steel’s desk.]

Lieutenant Steel: So, let me get this straight. You let everyone split up only to be hit off one by one. Not only did you let them get away, again, but now half of my men are in the hospital and the other half are dead.

Alice: In my defense, I told him splitting up was a bad idea.

Lieutenant Steel: I don’t wanna hear it. I thought I could trust you to take care of the mission, but clearly I was wrong.

Alice: Now, wait just a second. Ethan did his best to take out the Metahumans. He had the whole base surrounded before everyone was taken out. You said so yourself, your men couldn’t take them on alone.

Lieutenant Steel: Which is the exact mistake he made happen again.

Ethan: You realize we’re dealing with a Metahuman who can turn the ground into his own ocean, a Metahuman who creates energy weapons, and a Metahuman who can mentally destroy your mind.

Lieutenant Steel: I’m well aware of that.

Alice: Then you shouldn’t have to blame Ethan for your actions!

Lieutenant Steel: My actions?!

Ethan: Hey! Look, I thought adding numbers to our odds was going to successfully take these guys down. Clearly, I was wrong. I don’t even know if I have the right aliens to take care of these guys, but look, next time…

Lieutenant Steel: There’s not going to be a next time. I’m going to settle this the old fashioned way. You and your friends are off the mission. I’ll keep Nikki here trying to find the perpetrator, but as far as the battlefields go, leave it to us.

[Ethan and Alice walk out of Lieutenant Steel’s office.]

Go Forward - E-10

Alice: So, now what? You’re not gonna give up on it that easily, are you?

Ethan: No, I just need to think for a minute. Ugh, I thought winging it would be the best option.

Alice: You can’t just wing everything, Ethan. You have to think things through before you act on them.

Ethan: I should’ve done better…

Alice: Well, you did what you thought was right. And clearly that wasn’t it. Just don’t mourn over the past and push forward, you can’t let Lieutenant Steel beat you up about this.

Ethan: Thanks Alice.

[Ethan smiled, and Alice smiled back.]

Ethan: You’re right, I can’t let what he said get into my head. Which is why I’ve got an idea.

[The track ended. The scene shifted back to Nikki trying to get passed the encryption codes. A female ginger walked over to Nikki, handing her a cup of coffee.]

Intern: So, how’s the assignment for Lieutenant Steel going?

Nikki: Nowhere, I’ve been at this for three hours. I’ve searched all over the surveillance systems, checked the security cameras, nothing. I can’t get a single lead on who the perpetrator is. Man, do I need an advil or something to stop my head from beating.

Intern: What are you trying to do exactly?

Nikki: Well, I’m trying to hack into the back security cameras Lieutenant Steel says he installed in, but I can’t seem to get the encryption right.

Intern: Have you tried “heavy metal”?

Nikki: No?

[The intern gave Nikki a smug face. Nikki typed down “heavy metal” and got the password right.]

Nikki: Oh, damn girl.

Intern: Yeah. Lieutenant Steel doesn’t want people to know this, but he likes a lot of rock and heavy metal music. He says they relax him.

Nikki: Well, shoot. This’ll be a funny story to tell Ethan. Thanks. What’s your name, by the way?

Intern: It’s Christine.

Nikki: Ah, I’m Nikki.

Christine: Yeah, if you need anymore help, just let me know.

Nikki: Appreciated. Although, hook me up with some advil, girl.

Christine: Got it.

[Nikki turned back to the monitor to scavenge for footage. The scene then shifted to Ethan and Alice arriving back at Victor Labs, entering the inside.]

Sneaking Around - Episode 6

Alice: Investigating the scene of the crime. Smart move, Ethan. But aren’t you afraid he’ll catch us?

Ethan: Nah, he just said to stay away from the battlefield, and that’s precisely what I’m doing. [He began to dial an alien.] You go ahead and take the west end, I’ll go and take the east end.

Alice: You got it.

[Goop was selected in the active list, and Ethan slammed down and transformed into Goop. Goop slithered away from the scene as Alice grabbed her flashlight. Alice walked over to find a few dead bodies and hurled in her mouth.]

Alice: Can’t believe someone would do this.

[Goop splat to the ground and morphed back into his physical form. Goop looked around and began to walk. Goop saw the surface of the ground was broken and slithered over it.]

Goop: Next time I face that wave-stomping dude, I’m going to melt him straight into the ground! Or maybe I’ll use Four Arms to knock some sense into him.

[Goop looked at the ground and saw an energy trail.]

Goop: Hello…

[We turned back to Alice who continued walking down the hallway, she finally found the back door. She opened it and saw it lead to downstairs, then closed it.]

Alice: [Hollered] Hey, Ethan! I found their base of operations!

[Goop’s voice began to echo from the distance, but he sounded close.]

Goop: Cool, I’m on my way, just following this energy trail to see right where it leads, and-

[Goop following the energy trail, it lead to Alice by his surprise.]

Goop: Oh, whaddaya know, you’re right there.

[Alice opened the door, and pointed her flashlight. The two walked downstairs and saw an abandoned office. Alice found a light switch and the lights turned on.]

Alice: See if you can find anything around the lab, I’m going to check their resources.

[Alice sat by the desktop and searched through their computer. Goop found papers lying on the floor and began to toss each one he read.]

Goop: Notes, more notes, more notes. Geez, somebody should’ve told them to grab a file cabinet and- Oh, whaddaya know, I melted the notes.

Alice: Ethan!

Goop: What, Goop can’t help what he touches! Come on, Alice, can’t you search any faster?

Alice: I’m trying, if you can just be patient I can…

[Alice finally found what she was searching for.]

Alice: I found something!

[Goop looked over Alice’s shoulder as she read the notes.]

Alice: According to this, a Mr. Ernesto Andromeda has been setting up a black market weapons operation for over the last six years. There’s also a file of people here listed with unnatural superpowers. We have a Maurice Marcelle, codenamed Waverider, who’s able to control surface wave energy and distribute it among the ground. And then a Stanley Michaels, codenamed Process, who’s able to telekinetically move anything in sight. And then there’s a Jane Elk, codenamed Firearm, who can create any kind of weapon out of some sort of “solid energy”.

Goop: Those Metahumans…

Alice: Yeah. Apparently, he raised these three and uses them to steal some advanced weapons and technology in hopes of increasing his profits and crime rate, in hopes of funding his own project.

Goop: Oh, yeah? He’ll have a lot more to deal with once I take him down!

Alice: But wait, there’s more. Just six months ago, he sent some people into a few military operations, one of which being the SACT.

Goop: What? What does he want to do with them?

Alice: Not sure, but good news is, I just got all the information on who he’s hired and everything! This will definitely shut down his operations for sure!

Goop: This is great, Alice! We can finally stop these guys!

Alice: Uh oh…

Goop: What?

Alice: Apparently, he just scheduled his most recent buyer a couple of weeks ago. The buyer’s name is Gi John Kwanson.

Goop: Gi John Kwanson? That’s Gi Kwan! This Ernesto guy must be the one they’re getting the weapons from.

Alice: It’s set to happen tonight at 1:30am at the docking bay.

Goop: Then we need to hurry and tell Lieutenant Steel immediately. Come on!

[Alice closed the files and the two ran out towards the exit. The track ended. The scene shifted to Nikki scrolling through the security footage. Christine entered the room and handed some headache medicine over to Nikki.]

Christine: Here you go.

Nikki: Thanks, Christine.

[She took her pill and swallowed it with her coffee.]

Nikki: Hey, look at this, I think I finally figured out who the infiltrator is!

Christine: Really? That’s great.

Nikki: Just gotta enhance the footage here. Mess with the audio and…

[The footage revealed Christine helping a trio of villains sneak inside.]

Nikki: Wait a minute, that’s you. What are you-

[An explosion was heard in the background, and from Nikki’s perspective, everything began spinning from her point of view.]

Christine: You should’ve been more careful, Nikki. After all, in situations like these, you never know who you can really trust, can you?

[Christine put on her mask, as a small fire was shown in the background. Nikki started shutting her eyes and everything went black.]

[A few hours later, Ethan and Alice slammed open Lieutenant Steel’s door.]

Ethan: Lieutenant Steel!

Alice: We figured out who the perpetrator is!

[It was revealed Lieutenant Steel was sitting on his desk with Nikki sitting across from him.]

Nikki: We know, I found ‘em.

Lieutenant Steel: It was Christine Mayas, our intern. She snuck passed our defenses and warped her way in here, letting the Metahumans steal another batch of alien tech.

Ethan: Again?

Lieutenant Steel: Yeah. One of which being an Ethereal Amplifier.

Alice: Well, the good news is, we just found out their location. They’re heading to the Port of Sky Valley, just right out west in Oregon.

Lieutenant Steel: Great, I’ll send a squad out there immediately.

Ethan: But Lieutenant…

Lieutenant Steel: Look, I appreciate the hell you three have pulled tonight. But you and your friends clearly aren’t mature or ready enough to handle this mission. I’m gonna bring the MAB with us, hopefully that’ll weaken them long enough to do what needs to be done.

Alice: You’re not going to…

Lieutenant Steel: I am. You got a problem with that?

Alice: [Eyes glance to the side.] No, sir.

Lieutenant Steel: Good. I’ll see you folks later.

[Lieutenant Steel walked out of the room.]

Ethan: I’m not just gonna sit around and let him tell us what to do.

Nikki: I mean, he’s not wrong to be mad. You two screwed up on the mission, and I let myself get poisoned by Ms. Sunshine over there and let them get away.

Ethan: Not to mention, I gave him the information of where they’re headed, and he’s going to target them and kill them!

Alice: Look, we’ve all made mistakes, but we can’t let them define who we are.

Ethan: She’s right, I’m not going to risk anybody getting hurt, including the Metahumans.

Nikki: So what? You planning on ignoring the man and intervene his interrogation?

Ethan: That’s right. [Smirks.]

Nikki: [Sits up] Get me one of those biosuits, I’m going in.

Time For Action - Episode 6

[The scene then shifted to 1am, outside at the Port of Sky Valley. The place was surrounded by large crates with a spotlight shining from the ground. A figure with long silver hair, a beard, and a black tuxedo with a green tie was waiting, looking at his watch. Soon, a vehicle pulled up and Waverider, Process and Firearm stepped out, grabbing a couple crates.]

Firearm: We got the weapons, boss.

????: Excellent, you managed to retrieve it. Very good, my servants. Our buyer will be here in less than half a hour. Go set up the tents, we have a lot to auction off here and no time to spare.

[Nearby, Ethan, Alice, and Nikki were hiding behind some large crates, spying on them.]

Alice: Well, at least now we know what we’re going up against.

Nikki: We go in there, take ‘em on, and bam! We bust their entire operation right before Lieutenant Steel gets here.

Alice: These Metahumans are going to be pretty tough to beat, you sure you up for this, Ethan?

Ethan: Oh yeah, let me get my game face on.

[Before Ethan could select an alien, soldiers jumped in from all corners of the area. Helicopters from above dropped their ladders. Soldiers went flying in, carrying their weapons and aiming them at the four.]

SACT Soldier: Don’t move! We have you surrounded!

[The figure, annoyed, grabbed his phone from his back pocket and tapped “Send” on Gi-Kwan’s text message. Lieutenant Steel arrived, having the MAB strapped on his back, preparing to aim it at the Metahumans.]

Lieutenant Steel: It’s over, Ernesto, I’m only giving you one warning.

Ernesto: Maurice, if you would be so kind.

[We zoomed over to Waverider as he stomped on the ground, creating a large shockwave, throwing the soldiers back. Ethan, Alice and Nikki gasped. Ernesto approached the soldiers slowly as he made a small laugh.]

Ernesto: Well done, Lieutenant. You thought you would manage to take out my entire operation if you had us surrounded. Taking us in isn’t going to be as easy as you’d think.

[A soldier fired his weapon at Ernesto, and the bullet deflected off of him. Ernesto grabbed the arm of the soldier and sent a green wave of energy coursing through the soldier’s body, turning them to stone.]

Ernesto: You see, we’re known as the Gifted. [Petrifies another.] And I’d like to think of us as miracles made by God, so that we may release our gifts to the world and outshine the simpletons and bigots. [Petrifies another.]

Lieutenant Steel: By stealing my technology to create warfare.

Ernesto: Oh, that’s not our end goal. We just want to lend a helping hand to another organization who wants to change the world, as an act of kindness.

[Ernesto stomped onto Lieutenant Steel’s hand, and began to crush it.]

Ernesto: Unlike you, I was a simple merchant, living off paycheck through paycheck. But then I thought, why make when you can take whatever you want and turn it into what you want?

[He walked away.]

Ernesto: As fun as it would be to turn you all into decorations for the pier, I have other duties to attend to, reschedules to make.

[Ethan jumped off the crates and landed into the ground between the middle of the two.]

Ethan: Sorry, but I’ve already scheduled my own appointment, and it’s me taking down your ass! [Cracks knuckles.]

[Ernesto turned over to see Ethan, the other Metahumans and Lt. Steel were surprised.]

Firearm: It’s that kid again!

Lieutenant Steel: Agh, what are you doing here? I thought I gave you a direct order.

Ethan: Yeah, funny how that works, right?

Ernesto: Don’t take the risk, boy. Unless you want your life to depend on it.

Ethan: Funny, I was just about to suggest the same thing! [Slams down]

[HEATBLAST TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s hand caught on fire and coal started surrounding his right arm, then his left. Coal then began to surround his head, and his face started to light up. Fire came exploding from his head, and everything zoomed back as Heatblast stretched his arms out, and he striked a pose.]

Heatblast: HEATBLAST!

Ernesto: [Smirks] Take ‘em.

[Waverider ran toward Heatblast and smacked the ground, sending an earth wave barreling towards him. Heatblast jumped and launched a heat kick at him, knocking him into the ground. Alice and Nikki ran over to help Lieutenant Steel up.]

Alice: We got you, Lieutenant.

Firearm: Oh yeah? Then who’s got you?

[Firearm and Process circled around the three. The fight shifted back to Waverider attempting to hit Heatblast, who kept jumping out of harm’s way.]

Waverider: You think you’re so flexible dodging my attacks! I can’t wait to wipe the smug look off your face.

Heatblast: Funny, coming from a guy who can’t lay a hit on me! [Dodges.]

Waverider: Quit insulting me!

[Waverider stomped on the ground and created more earth waves. Heatblast landed on the ground and was thrown back by the hit. Waverider grinned and walked over to Heatblast.]

Waverider: Not so tough now, are you?

[Heatblast made a smirk and Waverider noticed his hand was touching the ground. The ground began to melt below him and he screamed falling into the molten pit. Heatblast then absorbed the heat, hardening the ground and trapping Waverider inside. Waverider struggled to break free.]

Heatblast: And I didn’t even have to throw one single fireball.

[Heatblast blew out the flame on his finger. Then the scene turned to Alice grabbing a saber from her pocket. Firearm made an energy rope.]

Firearm: So, a rematch, is it? I can’t wait to bring you six feet under.

[Firearm swung her energy rope at Alice, and she cut them in half with her saber. Meanwhile, Process yawned and was lifting Nikki in the air.]

Nikki: Let go of me, you...

[Process responded back with another yawn.]

Lieutenant Steel: Looks like it’s past somebody’s bedtime.

[Lieutenant Steel fired an energy blast out of the MAB, it surrounded Process’s body. Nikki then dropped to the ground with Process’s energy being absorbed.]

Process: Whoa… I don’t feel so good….

[Process fell down to the ground, unconscious. Nikki and Lieutenant Steel walked over to see that Process was asleep.]

Lieutenant Steel: Don’t worry, I didn’t take that much energy from him. He’ll be having a nice nap in his cell later.

[Alice grabbed a small shooter from her pocket and fired energy bolts. Firearm then whipped it off Alice’s hand, and approach her.]

Firearm: What’s wrong, are you useless without your weapons?

[Alice, angered, jumped over and kicked Firearm in the jaw, throwing her back. Firearm wiped off the blood off her face.]

Firearm: Nice shot. But it’s going to take more than that to finish…

[Firearm was then hit by a flamethrower from behind her and was thrown to the ground, covered in smoke. It was revealed Heatblast was the one who shot from behind.]

Alice: I had her.

Heatblast: You’ll get her next time.

[Ernesto attempted to get in the van, and Lieutenant Steel and Nikki aimed their weapons at him.]

Lieutenant Steel: It’s over, Ernesto. Step away from the van.

Ernesto: I don’t think you’re in any position to make demands.

[Ernesto covered his hand in a green crystal, then struck a hit at Lieutenant Steel, and who went flying to the other side of the crates, unconscious. Nikki gasped, and she tried shooting Ernesto, but the bullets bounced off of him. He punched Nikki with his crystallized fist, and she went flying next to Lieutenant Steel. Heatblast saw Nikki get hit.]

Heatblast: No!

[Heatblast threw fireballs at Ernesto, and he dodged them swiftly. He then ran over to Alice, and wrapped his arm around her. Alice began to struggle.]

Heatblast: Hey, what are you doing? Get away from her!

Ernesto: Don’t make any sudden moves. Surrender or you can watch your friend be turned to stone.

Alice: Ethan, don’t!

Ernesto: What’s it going to be?

[Heatblast held fireballs in his palms. He closed his fists and put his arms down.]

Heatblast: Fine, you win. Now let her go.

Ernesto: [Smirks] Good.

[Ernesto dropped Alice and ran over to Heatblast, striking a blow to his stomach. Heatblast’s surface started to crack, and his flame was put out. Before Heatblast could erupt, the hourglass symbol on his chest flashed, and forced Ethan to change back. Ethan coughed up blood and fell to the ground. Ethan looked up to see Ernesto standing before him.]

Ernesto: You know, I’d love to turn you into stone. But after seeing you blew my entire operation. [Punch.] I’m gonna have to give you something else in return!

[Ernesto then started beating Ethan senselessly. Each hit kept getting harder and harder. Each hit turned to Alice, Nikki and Lieutenant Steel wincing to his attacks. Ernesto stopped for a second to catch his breath.]

Ernesto: One more hit, and it will all be over. You should’ve never come here, boy. Something you’ll be thinking about once I send you into the afterlife.

[Ernesto raised up his arm and crystallized it, preparing for the finishing blow, but to his surprise, was zapped from behind by an electric blast. Ernesto, screaming, was being electrocuted until he fell to the ground, unconscious. It was revealed that Alice was the one who blasted him from behind, with her palms covered in smoke. She ran over to him.]

Alice: Are you okay?!

Ethan: Not really… [Coughs] But you know, I almost had him…

[Alice wiped a tear off her face and smiled.]

Alice: You’ll get him next time…

[We zoom out to Alice helping Ethan up. The track ended. The scene then shifted to Ernesto and the other Metahumans being arrested by the SACT, with them being sent toward vehicles. Ernesto then dropped on his knees.]

SACT Soldier: Move it, we don’t have all night.

Ernesto: You leave me no choice…

SACT Soldier: [Aims a gun at his head.] Don’t try anything funny.

Ernesto: [Power flowing through his eyes] Ischýs kýma! Dimiourgía perissóteron melón!

[A green energy wave burst from Ernesto’s body, and it surfaced around the whole area, and soon other places in the entire globe. Scenes cut to people in places such as Japan, Uganda, and England being passed over by the wave. Other SACT members began looking around wondering what had happened. One of the SACT soldiers grabbed Ernesto by the collar and shouted in his face.]

SACT Soldier: What did you do?!

Ernesto: You’ll figure out soon enough. Simra te siicos, tnetropxe!

[He then snapped his fingers and the ground beneath Process, Firearm and Waverider, and the crate of weapons burst into the air and flew away. The soldiers became surprised, and one of them tackled Ernesto into the ground. The scene shifted to Ernesto being held inside an interrogation room, we zoom out to Ethan, Alice, Nikki and Lieutenant Steel watching from the other side. Lieutenant Steel turns to the group and sighs.]

Lieutenant Steel: We’ve tried everything, but we can’t get him to talk. It’ll take some time before we can find out where he sent both the weapons and his friends. Not to mention what the hell he unleashed onto the world.

[Ethan and Nikki were wrapped in bandages. Ethan’s around his stomach and arms, with bandages on his face. While Nikki had a cast over her arm and a few bandages on her too. Alice and Nikki were also back in their casual wear.]

Ethan: You’ll get it out of him, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan, I also wanted to say that I’m sorry for doubting you. While your actions still remain questionable, you did manage to get the job done. Without you and your friends, we would’ve never figured out who the mole was, and for that I thank you.

Alice: It was no big deal.

Nikki: Just be sure to call if you need anything else from us.

Lieutenant Steel: I will.

[He started to walk away but turned back to Ethan.]

Lieutenant Steel: Oh, and Ethan. Stop telling people about your secret.

Ethan: I’ll do my best not to.

[The two smiled and Lieutenant Steel left the scene. The scene then shifted into a dark room with light shining from above, Process, Firearm and Waverider entered the scene.]

Gi-Kwan Theme (Short)

Firearm: Here they are, the exact items you asked us to retrieve.

Waverider: We got the Ethereal Amplifier and the Variable G Offset Modulator.

[From the shadows, Gi Kwan entered the room, as well as some of his guards.]

Gi-Kwan: Well, well. Excellent work, you three. I expect none less from the Ernesto Andromeda himself, speaking of, where is he?

Firearm: He’s attending off to important errands, you know how business associates work.

Gi-Kwan: I see.

[They handed over the weapons to him. Gi-Kwan snapped his fingers and one of his men handed the three a briefcase filled with cash inside. Process grabbed it.]

Firearm: Pleasure doing business with you.

[They turned around and left the scene.]

Gi Kwan: Indeed.

[Gi-Kwan snapped his fingers, and his men grabbed their weapons and tried to shoot them down. Firearm had an energy shield prepared in time to block the three.]

Firearm: You didn’t think I knew you would try to shoot us down?

Gi-Kwan: What can I say? I can’t risk letting anyone find out what I’m up to.

Firearm: Our boss will remember that.

Gi-Kwan: Sure he will.

Firearm: I’ll see you in hell, then.

[Process floated them into the air and they blasted out of Gi-Kwan’s base. The henchman tried firing but Gi-Kwan gave the signal to stop, and so they did.]

Gi-Kwan: No need to, not when I have everything I need.

[Gi-Kwan tapped the energy cube, and the top opened, unleashing a bright blue light coming out from it. A large object went flying outside of it, revealing to be a larger version of the Variable G Offset Modulator.]

Gi-Kwan: Soon, we will able to reshape the entire world.

[We zoom upward and away from Gi-Kwan, from the shadows it was revealed his henchman were creating a giant missile.]

Gi-Kwan (Narration): And no one will be able to stop me…


E-10 ED 1 - Kekkai Sensen
E 10 KekkaI Sensen (Snippet) Re UPDATED

E 10 KekkaI Sensen (Snippet) Re UPDATED

Episode 7 Preview

Major Events

  • Ethan informs Lieutenant Steel that there's a mole in the SACT.
  • Gi Kwan officially retrieves the final items he needs to create his super-weapon.


  • Lieutenant Steel is informed of Nikki learning Ethan's powers.
  • Lieutenant Steel calls back wanting to brain zap another friend of Ethan's.
  • Alice once again references to her being the brains and Ethan being the brawns of the two.



Gi-Kwan's Group

  • Christine

The Gifted

  • Process
  • Firearm
  • Waverider

Aliens Used


  • Alice quotes "All Star" when she says refers to Ethan's intelligence.
  • Heatblast's transformation is a nod to his transformation sequence in the first season of the Ben 10: Reboot. (Brief Career of Lucky Girl & Omni-Tricked)
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Eliminate It!
    • The Wish That Didn't Come True


  • Gi Kwan's full name is revealed in this episode.
  • Ebomnitrix wanted to base this episode off the early Young Justice and Generator Rex episodes.
  • Early concepts of this episode had the group travel to Hiawaii to take down Ernesto Andromeda on top of a volcano.
    • Another early idea was to have Diamondhead battle Ernesto on Diamond head.
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