General Information
Species Snake
Home World Earth
Residence Earth
Age 17
Affiliations Evil Organization(formerly)
Occupation(s) None
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hypnosis


Alias Aspi- By Owen
First Appearance Venomous

Aspidites is a character in Diamond Man's Untitled Series. She first appeared in Venomous.


Aspidites is a long purple snake, with yellow eyes.


Aspidites is mostly seen as cold and mean, but she can actually be nice if she wants to be.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hypnosis - Aspidites can hypnotize people into doing things, and even take control of their minds.
  • Camouflage - Aspidites can blend into her surroundings and disappear.


In Venomous, Aspidites was sent to hypnotize Owen, and get him to kill Sarth and Amy. She nearly succeeded, before Buggy came and distracted her, they trapped her with a rock, and Owen broke free of her control. While they were deciding what to do with her, Owen let her free, and she ran off. Soon later, Owen and her became friends.

In Owen's Friends, she began hanging out with Owen, but Sarth and Amy soon caught wind of this, and tried to split them apart. Owen knocks both of them out, and they continue to be friends.

In Mechanical Mayhem, Owen and Aspidites work together to defeat the robots.

Aspidites makes a small cameo in Project Olympus, watching TV with Owen.

In Years Revenge Part 1, Aspidites and Owen have a small chat, but then Agate comes, kills her, and kidnaps Owen. She is brought back to life by Ethereal later.

Aspidites and Owen play chess in The Girl, and hang out in the school festival with Cathy.

In The Funhouse, Owen and Aspidites(along with Cathy, Piece, Joey and Max) play in Gamean's game room. Owen gets turned into a snake, and he and Aspidites share a moment, until he gets turned back.

Aspidites plays a small role in Trust In Him, talking to Owen, and unhypnotizing Sarth and Amy(off-screen).

In Celestial Beings, she takes care of Owen while he's sick.

In Mr. Change, she goes into Cathy's body, and at the end, she goes into Ex'Spira's body.

In Beach Fun, she goes to the beach with Owen.

In Scouters, she was going to go to space with Owen, but she suddenly became sick, and couldn't go. Anna took care of her for the rest of the episode.



Aspidites originally used Owen to kill his parents, but she failed. Owen set her free, and became her closest friend. It is implied that she may like Owen more than a friend, as seen in The Funhouse.


Aspidites isn't fond of Buggy, as Buggy has a crush on her, and she tries to avoid him.



  • Aspidites was originally going to remain a villain, but lack of villain ideas and the likable character made her change to hero. Agate was created to take her place as villain.
  • Credits to CaT for the picture.
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