Ascendant Clockwork
Ascendant Clockwork
General Information
Species Ascended Chronosapien
Home World Unknown
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Absolute Chronokinesis
Alien Number -???
First Appearance TBA
Ascendant Clockwork is the Ascendant form of Clockwork from Earth-83.


Ascendant Clockwork's abilities include:

  • Absolute Chronokinesis
    • This ability allows him to control and move through every aspect of spacetime. He can stop time indefinitely, exist outside of the regular flow of time, and even erase and create timelines at will, among many other possible applications. He is essentially a God of Time.


Ascendant Clockwork resembles a larger, bulkier, more intimidating version of his normal form. The black lines and bolts on his limbs have been replaced with smooth metal plating and glass windows, which reveal a shimmering magenta energy inside his body. He has three Infinity symbols on his body: one on each fist, and one on his chest. The InverTrix symbol is in the middle of his torso.

In his Exalted form, the black areas on his body are filled with a glowing golden energy, and the markings on his 'key' are empty holes.


Unknown; may not have any.


  • It is currently unknown how an Ascendant form is achieved; however, it is known that the energy involved in the process would be equivalent to or greater than the energy output of an entire timeline.

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