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Ascalon (Evan Greyson's)
Ascalon Warp.png
General Information
Creator Azmuth
User Evan Greyson
Type Sword
First Appearance Realm Between Realms

Ascalon is a weapon created by Azmuth from another Timeline. Like most of its counterparts, this version of Ascalon has been kept locked until Evan visited its Timeline and stole it.


Like its counterparts, Ascalon has been created by Azmuth and given to Sir George in the Middle Ages. The sword has been used by both Sir George and later Ben Tennyson to defeat Dagon and Vilgax respectively. Afterward, the sword has been taken by Azmuth, who saw the weapon to be too powerful, so he locked it away.

A few centuries later, the sword has been discovered by Evan Greyson when he visited that specific Timeline. Fully aware of the weapon's capabilities, he ignored Azmuth's warnings and killed him before taking the sword to the Warp Universe, where it would be used for several different experiments.

During its stay in the Warp Universe, Ascalon has been reforged into a weapon that better fit Evan's needs and was infused with Warp Energy, which increased its already deadly abilities.

Powers and Abilities

Ascalon taps into the forces of the universe itself as the source of its power. Due to Evan's own connection to the forces of the universe, the two share a link that allows Evan to either pour his own force into the blade or the other way around, making one of them stronger.

An important difference between Ascalon and its counterparts is that unlike other versions, this one is incapable of creating armor to protect its wielder.