Ascalon sa.png
Creator Azmuth
User(s) Sir George (formerly)
Ben Tennyson (formerly)
Vilgax (formerly)
Type Sword
First Appearance Death of Ben 10
Chapter 9

Ascalon (sometime referred to as 'the Sword of Ascalon') is a weapon in Death of Ben 10 that was used by Apollo to conquer Pyros, defeat Ben Prime, and put into action an as-of-yet unspecified plan.


Ascalon takes the appearance of a relatively unassuming mithril sword.


Ascalon was originally created by Azmuth after being inspired by seeing a planetary alignment.

The weapon was later stolen by a great warrior, who attempted to use Ascalon to stop the civil wars on the Incursean homeworld.

This led Azmuth to hide Ascalon away. He created the Omnitrix as an apology to the universe for what he had done. The Omnitrix was designed to end wars peacefully, where as Ascalon could only be used for destruction. During his studies about 1800 years ago for the species that would be placed into the Omnitrix, he discovered the Earth. There, he found a demon known as Diagon trying to invade this dimension. A group of knights sought to destroy Diagon, but many fell under his influence. Sir George, a valiant knight, was the only one to escape. Azmuth deemed him worthy of wielding Ascalon's terrible power and bestowed him with the weapon. With it, Sir George made himself immortal, unable to die of old age. He cut out Diagon's heart and sealed the rest of him in his own dimension. He created a mighty vault within which Ascalon would remain embedded in Diagon's heart.

Later, the dimensional seal was broken by the Forever Knights. Sir George sought to reclaim Ascalon to undo this, but both the heart and the sword fell into Vilgax's hands. Ascalon was reclaimed by Ben after Sir George fell at Diagon's hands. Ben trapped Diagon within Ascalon and defeated Vilgax. He returned the weapon to Azmuth and gave up the Ultimatrix as well. Azmuth later purged Ascalon of Diagon's energy.

Ascalon somehow fell into the hands of Apollo many decades in the past. Using its power he conquered Pyros incredibly quickly, overthrowing the last king of the Solar Dynasty. After Sella escaped to Earth, Apollo followed seeking to put a terrible plan into action. As of yet, he has not revealed his plans.


Ascalon is capable of manipulating the very fundamental forces of the universe itself. This grants the user immense power, almost only limited by the user's imagination. Demonstrated powers include:

  • Slowing the passage of time
  • Teleportation
  • Portal Generation
  • Magnetism Manipulation
  • Nuclear Energy Manipulation

Ascalon also has the ability to grant its wielder armour, resembling the armour of an old English knight. Though this power is never utilised by Apollo.


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