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Articguana vs. Spitter is the first episode of Omnitrix Alien Showdown.

Omnitrix Alien Showdown
Season ROUND 1, Episode FIGHT 1
Written by Anon
Directed by Anon
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(Ultimate Ben): Welcome, to the first episode of Omnitrix Alien Showdown!

(Crowd): WOOT! WOOT!

(Alien X): And what a thriller this first match will be. Articguana vs. Spitter!

(UB): Yes, but both of them are very, terribly slow when it comes to speed. Your thoughts on tonight's match?

(AX): Well, I'd have to say Articguana. If the bottom of that stadium breaks, then he's in his element. Water, which would not be good for Spitter.

(UB): Speaking of Spitter, here he comes now! But I'd have to say Spitter. I've got inside word that he's been working hard this week and WILL survive in water.

(AX): Well, we'll see Ben.

The screen changed to Spitter slowly walking giving out high-fives.

(Spitter): I will win this...

Then came Articguana bursting out of the middle of the stadium.

(Articguana): BOO-YAH!

(Spitter): LETS FIGHT!

(Articguana): Your on!

(UB): And it looks like the the battle's about to begin! Go Spitter!

(AX): You mean, go Articguana!

The battle began. Spitter shot some acid but Articguana countered with ice breath. Articguana tried to run forward, but got hit by some of Spitter's acid, he stumbled back.

(Articguana): WOAH! You are strong, but not enough!

Articguana shot ice breath at Spitter but he dodged and it flew straight into the wall.

(Spitter): Really? You're gonna have to do better than that.

Spitter shot heaps of acid, but it all fell short, and burnt into the stadium.

(Articguana): Come on, and catch me!

He dived into the water and Spitter followed, but on contact with water, began to drown. Articguana shot ice breath and froze him, but that made him float up and he started shoting ice acid at Articguana. He dodged.

To be completed...