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Arthurans are species from the planet Arthure.


Arthurans are orange humanoids with two bones on the back shaped to store swords. They often wear any kind of armor and a helmet made of iron or silver. They often carry two swords with them.


Arthurans are some of the most loyal beings in the galaxy, despite being lovers of duel and fight.

Female Arthurans don't wear the helmet. They usually have a lesser reputation than males.

Powers and Abilities

Arthurans are very skilled fighters; and use various primitive weapons for fights, also having good stats, which promotes their agility and strength.

Arthurans' armor is very durable, and can protect themselves from almost any injury.


Arthurans rely on their weapons to fight, and are not completely defenseless without a weapon, but their potential will decrease in that case.


Arthurans originated from another, different species which landed on the planet CD-XX-96-c. They then evolved to survive the environment and renamed the planet to Arthure. So far, less than one hundred of Arthurans exists.

Notable Arthurans

  • Knightmare (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arthuran)


Arthuran comes from King Arthur, a famous Medieval king.


  • Arthurans were originally supposed to be biologically armored, however this was retconned.