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Arthrowheels are a species from the planet Chelys.


Arthrowheels look like green scorpions with four bloody teeth and dark green hair-like sheilds on their heads. They have electric blue wheels.


Arthrowheels are highly agressive and dangerous due to Chelys being higly radioactive and hence making the inhabitants uncontrollable.

Powers and Abilities

Arthrowheels can generate energy wheels out of their feet, and unite them. Additionally, they have a sharp stinger, strong claws and a hard shell.

Arthrowheels have very sharp teeth, which can crack through rocks and even bricks.


Arthrowheels are very dangerous in they don't control themselves.

Notable Arthrowheels

  • Boost Rider (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arthrowheel)


Arthropods are a class of invertebrates, which includes scorpions.