Ben 10 - Restart Arsenal.png
General Information
Species Galvanic Mechamorph
Home World Galvan B
Residence Stryker's Plumber uniform
Age Unknown
Affiliations Plumbers/Rooters, Stryker
Occupations Plumber Agent
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technology interface and creation
First Appearance The Restart (Part One)

Arsenal is a character in Ben 10: Restart. He is a Galvanic Mechamorph from the planet Galvan B.


Due to a rare mutation, Arsenal's body is primarily white, unlike the usual black of others of his kind. His markings are yellow, although they turn red while interfacing with corrupted technology.


Arsenal is incredibly loyal, and always protects those he cares about (primarily Stryker). As he can't communicate verbally due to a past trauma, it's hard to determine exactly what kind of personality he has, as his speech can't be analysed and he spends most of his time merged with Stryker's Plumber uniform, so his body gestures are minimal.

Powers and Abilities

Like others of his kind, Arsenal can interface with technology, and can not only control it, but reshape it however he pleases. However, he also suffers a rare mutation that allows him to form his own body into technology that he has previously merged with.


Arsenal is unable to speak, and therefore can't communicate verbally with people. The only person who can communicate with him is Stryker, but anyone else can't hear him at all, making it difficult for him to communicate when Stryker isn't there to act as a conduit.


Ben 10: Restart




Arsenal has an intimate bond with Stryker, and rarely leaves his side. He trusted Stryker enough to bond with him before being made mute, and so Stryker is the only person able to understand him. Their telepathic bond allows them to act in unison in combat, with Arsenal forming the weapons Stryker needs the second he knows what it is he needs.


Ben 10: Restart


  • He's partly inspired by an idea for a weapon I had years ago, that could change into just about any conceivable weapon, and also partly based on Groot.
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