Arrival, also called The To'kustars Return From Their Hiatus, is the first volume of Attack on To'kustar. It is the first volume of Attack on Via, the first chapter of the series.


[The camera shows a forest of tall, thick trees. The camera pans over the forest and eventually comes to a large clearing, with a city in the middle of it. The camera pans all the way through the city and then shows a small group of men riding into the city on horses, having just returned from the forest. They ride into the city and then the camera cuts behind them, showing another man on a horse, the animal running as fast as it can to make it to the city.]

[Man #1, on the fast horse]: Everyone run!

[One of the men on the front group of horses turns back and sees the man behind him. He appears to be the commander of the men.]

[Commander]: Run? From what?

[Man #1, shouting from still a ways away]: The monster! It's going to kill all of us...

[Commander]: Monster?

[Suddenly, there is a faint booming sound. Then another one, slightly louder. Then another, louder still. The sounds continue in the same frequency, but they continue to get louder and louder. The commander jumps off his horse and then looks at the man. He suddenly looks upwards and sees it: a To'kustar, a 30 foot tall beast, emerge from the edge of the forest. It continues to walk towards the city as the townsfolk begin to notice it.]

[Man #2]: Is that... a giant?

[Woman]: It's so big...

[Man #3]: What is that thing?

[The camera shows the commander staring at the To'kustar as it stops walking and stays still for a moment. Seconds later, it bends over and picks up the closest man, the one who was on the fast-running horse. The To'kustar picks the man up directly off his horse and then holds the face facing him. The monster throws the man into the forest at such speed that the man is most surely dead. The camera shows the other men standing just behind their commander.]

[Man #4]: Sir, that is a giant, right?

[The commanders stares at the beast in awe.]

[Commander]: No...

[The To'kustar slowly starts to walk towards the city, this time picking up speed.]

[Commander]: I think it's an alien...

[He stands motionless as the To'kustar charges at the city. The beast is seen running straight towards the camera before it cuts to black.]

[The camera shows a twilit sky, early in the morning, when everything is still quiet. It is bright enough that no stars can be seen in the sky, but there are wisps of clouds that streak the sky in splotched patterns. The camera pans down and shows a giant wall, about 165 feet tall, the ends of which cannot be seen: Wall Via. The camera pans over the wall, showing a grass field with a few short, scattered trees and rolling hills. About half a mile from the wall, there is a much shorter wall, probably around 70 feet tall, surrounding a small city: Ateria.]

[The camera pans past the wall and shows the townsfolk going about their daily lives: trading goods and talking at the market, children playing in the open areas, with some adults watching them. A fountain can be seen; many birds are standing at the edge of the fountain, and three ducks wade in the water. A carriage rolls by the fountain, with a load of cargo attached to the back of it. The camera shows pans around and shows the park again before zooming out and revealing two people, a male and a female staring at the park from a first floor window. The camera cuts and shows the fronts of the two as they stand facing the park. The female is Tuesday Smith and the male is Vance Grace. Without saying a word, Vance walks away from the window, and moments later, Tuesday follows him.]

[The camera cuts to Vance walking down a flight stairs into the basement of the building, holding a lantern so that he can see. He is seen from the side until the camera shows him from the front, with Tuesday standing at the top of the stairs above him, not moving.]

[Tuesday]: Why?

[Vance ignores her and continues to walk down the stairs.]

[Tuesday]: Why are you going forward with this?

[Vance]: If you don't like it, then leave.

[Tuesday]: What we're, no, what you're doing to wrong. I can't live with myself knowing that I let you do this.

[Vance continues to walk.]

[Vance]: You're going to stop me?

[As Vance gets farther away, Tuesday starts to follow him down the stairs. Vance gets to the bottom and eventually Tuesday catches up with him. He stands facing a closed door, with Tuesday just behind him. He places the lantern down on a shelf attached the wall just outside the door.]

[Vance]: Before I open this door, I need to know one way or another if you're going to stay with the Knights.

[Tuesday stands silent.]

[Vance]: If you're not staying, I can't let you through this door.

[She seems angry, not at Vance, but at herself.]

[Tuesday, softly]: I'm staying...

[Vance, accepting]: Very well

[He opens the door, revealing a flash of white light.]

[Theme Song]

[The camera shows a brick covered ceiling before panning to the side and showing a window covered by curtains. The camera cuts and shows a young bow sitting in a bed next to the window, looking at it. The boy is Sven Schmidt. The camera cuts to him sitting on the side of the bed, looking out the window, the curtains now open. The ground outside reveals that the room is on the first floor of the house. Sven looks behind as the camera shows a young girl standing in the doorway to his room. The girl is Sonia Schmidt, his younger sister by two years.]

[Sonia]: Breakfast is ready.

[The camera cuts to another room in the house. Sonia is sitting at the table next to Viola Schmidt, the mother of the family. She is sitting across from Lars Schmidt, the father of the family. Across from Sonia, there is an open chair for Sven. The young boy walks into the room, having changed out of his night clothes into his day clothes. Instead of sitting down at the table, he walks right past his family, grabs a jacket, and then turns around and heads for the door.]

[Viola]: You should eat something.

[Sven continues to head for the door.]

[Sven, mumbling]: ...Not hungry.

[Viola]: Sven...

[Sven stops and turns around. He looks at his father.]

[Lars]: You should really eat something, son.

[Sven gives his father an annoyed look, walks back to the table, and grabs a piece of toasted bread that has been smothered in butter. The camera cuts to him biting a piece of the toast and then slamming the door as he leaves the house. The camera shows the family, with Lars turned in his seat to watch the door, and Viola and Sonia sitting normally. Lars turns around to face his wife.]

[Viola]: Honestly, what's with that boy? Where is he even going?

[Lars]: You shouldn't worry so much, dear; he's young. When he gets older, it'll be more important for him to have a clear sense of what he wants to do, but for now, it's okay if he lets the wind take him.

[The camera cuts to Sven running outside, holding the piece of toast in his mouth. He puts it back in his hand as he takes a bite out of it. He continues to run, and then moments later, puts the rest of the toast in his mouth, chews it, and swallows it as he turns a corner. He runs by two boys standing on the side of the street; the first boy is Michael James, and the second is Teru Hikami. Sven runs by without stopping to talk them, although they seem to know him.]

[Michael]: Hey Sven, wait up!

[Teru]: You're following him?

[Michael]: Yeah, why not?

[Michael and Teru look each other in the eye.]

[Teru]: It's just, he's so weird; he's always in a rush.

[Michael]: Yeah? Well you're too lazy.

[Michael starts to run to catch up with Sven. Teru continues to lean against the wall for a while and then eventually starts to walk in the same direction as Michael. The camera cuts ahead to Sven, who arrives in an open park, looks around, and then runs over to another boy sitting on a bench. He slows down as he walks towards the bench. The boy, who is Arik Iverson, is sitting on the bench carrying a book. He looks over and sees Sven standing in the park.]

[Arik]: Hey Sven!

[He holds up the book. Sven sees the book and then stares in amazement as he continues to walk towards the bench.]

[Sven]: You actually brought it today? Your dad's journal?

[Arik]: Yeah, what's wrong?

[Sven]: What if your mom notices that it's missing?

[Arik]: My mom's out of town, so she can't notice. I'll make the book is exactly where it was by the time she comes back. That won't be for a few days, so we have some time.

[Arik looks at the book, without opening it.]

[Sven]: Don't you feel guilty for opening this, though? Especially for reading it?

[Arik]: My dad would've wanted me to see this; the only reason I haven't until now is that my mom doesn't want me to. She thinks that there are things in this book that can corrupt the mind, that's why she hasn't looked at it or let anyone else look at it since my dad died. He only ever showed it to his friends, and he always promised me that he would show it to me when I was older, but...

[Sven]: I understand.

[Arik, annoyed]: Can you, Sven? Your dad's not dead!

[Sven, regretful]: I guess you're right...

[They sit on the bench for a moment, silently.]

[Sven]: So you've obviously never looked in this book at all, right?

[Arik]: Years ago, my dad ripped out a page and showed it to me, but I don't remember what was on it, so no, I basically have never looked at this before.

[He holds the book out in front of them and then looks up. He starts to open it, but then sees Michael running towards them. In the distance, Teru can be seen slowly approaching as well.]

[Arik, disappointed]: Oh, hey Michael...

[Michael stops in front of Arik and Sven to catch his breath.]

[Michael]: Hey... How are you guys doing today?

[Sven]: I'm good.

[Arik]: We were just going to look at my dad's journal.

[Michael, disappointed]: Oh, I see. Well, I can leave if you want me to.

[Arik]: It's not you who isn't allowed to see it, it's--

[He stops as Teru arrives next to Michael and stands across from Sven and Arik.]

[Michael]: Hey Teru.

[Teru]: Michael.

[Michael]: Sven and Arik were going to do something alone, so we should probably--

[Teru]: Oh, is that your dad's journal!?

[Teru snatches the book out of Arik's hand.]

[Arik]: Hey, give it back!

[Teru opens the book and flips the pages, skimming over its contests before dropping it on the ground.]

[Teru]: I can't even read it! What language is that?

[Arik kneels down on the ground to pick up the book. Sven stands up off the bench as Arik stands up with the book, making a circle between the four boys.]

[Arik, angry]: Doesn't matter what language it is. Now can you two just go away?

[Teru, angry]: Why can't we see the book?

[Michael]: Teru, Arik has been planning on sharing that book with Sven, and only Sven. He doesn't want anyone else to see it. You shouldn't question that.

[Teru, after scoffing]: Fine, have fun with your dumb book.

[He grimaces slightly at Arik and then looks at Sven.]

[Teru]: I just... No, never mind.

[He turns around and starts to walk away.]

[Teru]: You coming, Mike?

[Michael]: Yeah, just a minute.

[Michael turns to Sven and Arik.]

[Michael]: It's okay, you don't have to show me the book...

[He looks up to the sky. There are many clouds around, but it is not raining.]

[Michael]: I wouldn't stay here if I were you. It looks like it might rain.

[Sven]: I happen to like the rain. On a warm day, a light rain can actually be soothing.

[Michael, after laughing]: Whatever you say, Sven.

[Michael turns around to follow Teru. He waves as he starts to walk away. Arik and Sven turn to each other as there is a flash of lightning and then a boom of thunder in the distance. It slowly starts to rain around them.]

[Sven]: Don't mind Teru; he can be really annoying sometimes.

[Arik]: I know, and it's completely unnecessary. Well, at least they're gone.

[Arik turns to the bench but then turns to Sven.]

[Sven]: You don't like the rain?

[Arik shakes his head, causing Sven to smile.]

[The camera cuts to Sven and Arik running towards a building in the city. The point of view is from an upstairs window in the building, but there is not actually anyone in the room. The camera cuts to them entering the building, which appears to be a cafe of sorts. There are a couple people in the cafe, in addition to someone standing behind the counter, but the building is practically empty. The man behind the counter is Nolan Davis.]

[Nolan]: Well if it isn't Sven and Arik. Long time no see!

[Arik]: Hey Mr. Davis.

[Nolan]: Can I get you guys anything?

[Arik]: Are there any open rooms in the back?

[The camera cuts to Arik and Sven sitting in a room in the cafe. The book is sitting open on a table, with Sven and Arik standing at the table on opposite sides. Arik flips through the pages of the book, looking at them, as Sven follows along.]

[Sven]: To tell the truth, I can't read it either, what's it say?

[Arik]: They're individual stories from my dad's travels, mainly. You know that he's one of the few people to ever go outside the walls. Most people who have left haven't come back, not because they died, but because they were insane and thought that life was better outside. My dad was different; he left to find clues about them, why they appeared and then why they disappeared.

[Sven]: It's amazing to think that he actually came back, though! I'd love to leave the walls, but I think there would be too much to explore to ever want to come back.

[Arik]: I agree. Before he died, he was planning on leaving again, this time taking a large group with him, but the government didn't want to give him the funding that he needed. By the time he gave up and decided to go alone, his health was failing him.

[Arik turns the page.]

[Arik]: I want to go beyond the walls. Once I finish school, I'm leaving Ateria to continue my dad's work.

[He turns the page again. Sven seems lost in thought.]

[Arik]: What about you, Sven?

[Sven]: I'd love to go, too, but my parents want me to become a lawyer, just like my dad. Or a doctor. Or a professor. Or a politician. All of those careers sound incredibly boring.

[Arik turns the page again. He sees a photograph on the pages of the book.]

[Arik]: Look at this photo.

[He turns the book so that Sven can see it right side up.]

[Arik]: The caption says it's a picture of a city that my dad traveled, too. It was completely destroyed, which made him curious, so he took photographs of it, but this is the only one he printed in the journal.

[He looks at the photo in awe. Suddenly, there are four knocks on a door, not on the door to the room, but on the door to the outside of the cafe. Arik and Sven remain silent so that they can hear outside. Sven opens the door slightly so that they can see, too. Everything is quiet for a moment. Suddenly, there are four more knocks on the door, at which point all the people in the cafe start to cower in the fear. Nolan ducks down underneath the counter and Sven closes the door so that it is just barely ajar. Moments later, someone kicks down the door to the cafe from the outside. Vance Grace walks inside, with a group of men behind him.]

[Vance]: Everyone, outside! This is the Forever Knights!

The three walls, Via on the outside, Sera in the middle, and Nova on the inside, are named after the three ancient heroes of humanity.

Via, Sera, and Nova lived during the First Era of To'kustars. They saved humanity and helped fight back against the aliens.

[The camera shows the wall surrounding Ateria. It is still raining in the city, so most of the patrolmen who stand guard at the watchtowers on top of the wall are moving inside. They are heading through a hatch down to a staircase that leads to a room inside the wall itself. Another of the men enters the hatch, leaving only two men on top of the wall. They are Samuel Wright and Lawrence Carter. Samuel starts to head down into the hatch as Carter looks beyond the wall, at Wall Via a half-mile away.]

[Samuel]: Is something the matter, Lawrence?

[Lawrence]: No, I just don't like the rain. It's depressing...

[The camera cuts to all of the men except for standing inside the room within the wall. In addition to the men, there are two young girls arguing with another of the men. That man is Wayne Holcomb, and the girls are Lily Scott and Hadria Carter, the latter of which is Lawrence's daughter.]

[Lily]: What do you mean you don't believe us? What do you even do all day? You're not even on patrol right now because of the rain!

[Wayne]: We're doing our jobs.

[Lily]: How--

[Wayne]: I'm here at the wall. If I wasn't doing my job, I would be at my house right now.

[Lily, angry]: But--

[Wayne]: Listen kid, this is no different from any other day. You know what we do all day, every day? We stand on the top of the wall, waiting for them to show up. And you know what happens all day, every day? We stand on the top of the wall, and they don't show up, but you don't come crying to us when we're outside. This is no different from that, you got me?

[Lily, quietly]: But--

[Wayne, angry]: No buts, this isn't a game, you hear me?

[As he continues to argue with the girl, the camera shows Samuel and Lawrence arriving at the room from the stairs. They overhear the argument and look over at Wayne. Lawrence sees Lily and Hadria standing front of him.]

[Wayne]: can't just come in here and expect to--

[Lawrence]: Hadria? What are you doing here?

[Hadria steps to the side and sees her father walking towards her. Wayne turns around and sees Lawrence approaching as well.]

[Lawrence]: Holcomb, what's the meaning of this?

[Wayne]: Your daughter and her friend are causing trouble.

[Lawrence]: Hadria...

[Hadria]: Mr. Holcomb didn't believe us when we said that the Knights were conducting a demonstration. That's why we came here?

[Lawrence]: A demonstration?

[Wayne]: Sir, you can't possibly--

[Lawrence]: Trust my own daughter? Yes, I can.

[He walks past Hadria and Lily on his way for a door, the exit to the room within the wall.]

[Lawrence]: You two stay here. I'll hopefully be right back.

[He opens the door, walks through and then closes it behind him. The camera shifts over to Wayne standing behind Hadria and Lily.]

[Lily]: Now that's someone who takes his job seriously.

[Wayne, angry]: Are you calling me out?

[Lily turns around to face Wayne. Hadria turns as well.]

[Wayne, angry]: Do you know what my job is, girl? We protect the people of this town from them, but you know what humans don't realize? When they appeared the last time, they didn't appear at the outside of human civilization, they appeared towards the middle. The heroes built these walls to keep them out, without realizing that if one got inside, all of humanity would be trapped. We're in fact safer on the outside than those living inside Wall Nova!

[Samuel]: Shut it, Holcomb. They're not going to believe you.

[Wayne grimaces and then clears his throat.]

[Wayne]: I suppose you're right...

[Wayne turns around, finally leaving the two girls alone. The camera stays focused on them for a moment.]

[Lily]: So, can you show me the top of the wall?

[Hadria]: Civilians aren't really supposed to be up there--

[Lily]: But your dad is the police chief! Surely you can take me up there...

[Hadria, apathetic]: I guess...

[They start to walk towards the staircase.]

[Back at the cafe, most of the people, including Sven and Arik, have evacuated the building, leaving only Vance and Nolan. The latter slowly stands up from behind the counter and turns to Vance.]

[Nolan]: Why do you need my cafe?

[Vance]: I don't give the orders, I just follow them, now outside!

[The camera cuts outside the cafe. Sven and Arik are standing away from the other group of people. They look around and see that many other people have been kicked out of their building by Vance and the other Forever Knights. Sven looks around and eventually sees Teru and Michael standing a short distance across the field.]

[Sven, to Arik]: I found Michael and Teru.

[Sven points to them as Arik, still carrying the book, turns to the direction Sven is pointing in. He starts to walk over as Sven walks next to him. A couple moments later, Michael notices them, nudges Teru, and then the two walk towards Sven and Arik; the two groups meet in the middle.]

[Teru]: Hey, sorry about before.

[Arik]: It's okay. Maybe I should have showed you the book?

[Teru]: No, it's okay, I didn't really want to see it anyway.

[Vance, shouting from offscreen]: Attention!

[The boys and many other people standing in the open area turn to Vance and the rest of the Knights, who are standing with their backs to the wall to the city in the distance.]

[Michael]: Who is that guy anyway?

[Sven]: Don't know, but if he's with the Knights, he can't be good?

[The camera ahead to a closer shot of Vance and the other Knights.]

[Vance]: ...and now, without further hesitation, we present to you--

[Lawrence, approaching]: Stop, this is the police!

[Vance turns to Lawrence as he rides towards the open area on his horse.]

[Lawrence]: Stop the demonstration.

[Vance chuckles in a maniacal way.]

[Vance]: It's far too late...

[He looks up to the sky. The rain continues to pour down from the sky. There is a flash of lightning and then a boom of thunder a moment later.]

[Lawrence]: What do you mean it's too late?

[Vance]: You're Lawrence Carter, correct? The chief of police?

[Lawrence]: Why does it concern you?

[Another flash of lightning with a simultaneous crack of thunder.]

[Vance]: Well, if you are, you should be a lot smarter than you're acting right now...

[He grins. Suddenly, there is a red flash of lightning from behind the wall to the city, but it appears to be within Wall Via. Everyone in the open area stares at the wall of the city, in fear of the lightning strike. The camera cuts to Lily and Hadria on the top of the wall, holding their hands over their heads after the loud crack of thunder from the lightning strike. Lily continues to cover her head as Hadria slowly looks forward and sees smoke start to rise from behind a hill. Suddenly, there is a faint booming sound. Then another one, slightly louder. And another, louder still. The booming sounds continue to get closer and closer together as they also get louder and louder. The camera cuts to the open area in the city, where the booming sounds are fainter, but are still speeding up and getting louder. Lawrence, now off his horse, stares at the wall. Behind him, Arik trembles in fear as Sven, Michael, and Teru stare at the wall speechlessly.]

[The camera cuts back to Hadria, staring over the wall. The loud booming continues to get faster and louder as Lily slowly walks up behind her. The camera shows the smoking hill. Suddenly, a beast, similar in appearance to the one from the forest, starts to emerge from the other side of the hill. Hadria stares at the beast, half-amazed, half-petrified. She blinks once and then realizes that she cannot just stand there, watching the beast walk to the city.]

[Lily]: Is that...?

[Hadria nods her head.]

[Hadria]: To'kustar...

[She stays still for a moment and then runs off to the nearest watchtower on her left. Lily turns and then watches as she jumps into the small armament and then pops out a moment later, holding a small flare gun.]

[Hadria, shouting]: I'd suggest covering your ears!

[Lily covers her ears with both her hands. Hadria covers her right ear with his right hand and then raises her left arm up to the sky, using her left elbow to cover the other ear. She fires the gun, releasing a red flare into the sky. The camera cuts to the open area. Lawrence sees the flare, now sure over what the lightning was. He turns to Vance, ready to confront him, but then he stops and turns again towards the wall. He gets on his horse and then immediately starts to ride it towards the wall. Vance turns to the people behind him and then holds his arms out in fists, triumphantly.]

[Vance]: The To'kustars have returned!

[At this point, many of the people are already fleeing the scene in a panic. Some stay in the open area, including the four boys.]

[Arik, depressed]: Why? Why after disappearing for so long...?

[He drops to his knees. Sven, Michael, and Teru stand beside him.]

[Sven]: We can't just give up, Arik. No To'kustar has ever been able to get through a wall.

[Arik]: But this isn't Wall Via, Sven! It's just Wall Ateria!

[Sven stands back, realizing that Wall Ateria has never been tested against the beasts.]

[Michael]: Whether or not the wall holds doesn't matter; we can't stay here, it's definitely not safe.

[Teru]: Agreed, we should find a building quiet a distance from where the flare came from.

[Arik, standing up]: Sven, I think your house is the farthest away?

[Teru]: Sounds good, we can go--

[Sven, angry]: It's my house, Teru, I decide if we go there or not.

[Arik, sympathetic]: Don't you want to be with your family?

[Sven]: What about Michael and Teru?

[Michael]: It's okay. Your house is definitely the safest place to be right now.

[Teru]: Agreed.

[Sven looks dejected. He turns to the wall in the direction of the flare and closes his eyes.]

[Sven]: Follow me.

[The four boys start to run off as the camera cuts back to the wall. The To'kustar is now only about 500 feet from the wall.]

[Lily]: We're far too close, Hadria! We have to get out of here!

[Hadria nods her head as she and Lily start to run for the hatch. Lily starts to climb into the hatch when there is another flash of red lightning, causing Lily to lose her grip and fall a short distance onto the ground. Hadria also falls over onto her back. She slowly gets up and looks to outside the wall. Another To'kustar has appeared, this one slightly different in appearance, with far more red marks and the white skin completely black instead. It is also facing away from the wall. Hadria stares at the second To'kustar in confusion.]

[Hadria]: Huh? It's facing the wrong way?

[Lily, from the hatch]: The To'kustar is turning around?

[Hadria, confused]: No... There's a second To'kustar.

[For some reason, the second To'kustar starts to run away from the wall, sending it on a collision course with the first.]

[Hadria, confused]: And it's on our side?

[To Be Continued]

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