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Location: Los Soledad

Malware: (Enters Los Soledad) My arsenal shall increase exponentially from the weapons at this Military base. (Scans as much technology as he can)

Location: Plumbers HQ

Max: (Notices computer flashing) Ben! Rook! Ben: Yes Grandpa?

Rook: What is the problem Magister?

Max: The silent alarm has just gone off. Los Soledad is being broken into at this very moment!

Ben: Lets go!

Rook: But the Magister has not yet told us all the information of this incident yet.

Ben: Too many big words! (Gets on Tenn-Speed Cycle and drives off)

Max: (Shakes his head)

Rook: Wait for me. (Gets into the Proto-TRUK and drives off)

Location: Los Soledad

Ben: (Arrives at Los Soledad)

Rook: (Arrives right after Ben) You could have waited sir.

Ben: Lets just go get him!

Rook: Alright.

(They enter the building where Paradox did his time travel experiment)


Ben: Hey. Wire for Brains!

Malware: Tennyson!

Rook: You are under arrest. (Takes out Proto-Tool)

Malware: No prison in the universe can contain me. (Fires Optic Laser Beam at Rook)

Rook: (Dodges the laser beam. Turns the Proto-Tool into a bow and arrow. Then fires it at Malware)

Malware: (An arrow gets lodged in his right arm. He pulls the arrow out) You fool! (Merges Paradox's time machine and starts it up

Ben: (Transforms into Shocksquatch)

Shocksquatch: Your plans are about to be short circuited (Blast Malware with a huge bolt of electricity)

Malware: You fool you will corrupt the time stream!

Shocksquatch: Ah!

Malware: Ah!

Shocksquatch, Okay!

(Malware and Shocksquatch disappear)

Rook: Ben!

Location: Gotham City

Shocksquatch: Where are we?

Malware: Its seems you have sent us to another dimension!

Shocksquatch: I did?! Its your fault!

Malware: Silence! (Takes over nearby car, floors it, and slams into Shocksquatch)

Shocksquatch: (Punches the car over and over again with electrified fist)

(Citizens run in panic)

Malware: (Fires a laser beam at Shocksquatch, knocking him off the car. He drives away)

Shocksquatch : (Lies in the middle of road) Ouch.

Citizen #1: Its a Monster!

Citizen #2: No! Its a Yeti!

Shocksquatch: I'm actually an alien!

Citizen #1 : It talks!

Citizen #2: Run!

Shocksquatch: Wait! I'm not gonna hurt you!

Batman: (Is notified by Commissioner Gordan while in the Bat-Mobile of the two aliens. He arrives on the street where Shocksquatch is located. He exits the Bat-Mobile) I'm going to have to ask you to come with me.

Shocksquatch: Huh? No thanks!

Batman: (Under breath) Its obviously not Langstrom.

Shocksquatch: (Starts to walk off) Batman: Stop! Shocksquatch: (Ignores Batman)

Batman: I said stop! (Throws a batarang at Shocksquatch. It lodges into his shoulder)

Shocksquatch: Your gonna have to do better than.....BOOM (The batarang explodes and Sho


cksquatch slams into a light post) You did not just do that!

Batman: (Throws smoke capsule in front of Shocksquatch)

Shocksquatch: (Coughs) Smoke huh? You know what comes after smoke? (Transforms) Fire.

Heatblast: (Breaths fire)

Batman: What?! (Batman is shocked at the transformation)

Heatblast: (Creates a wall of fire around Batman)

Batman: (Sprays anti-fire foam onto the fire)

Heatblast: Your good but I'm better. There is no way you can..Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep........

Ben: Crud.

Batman: (Punches Ben in the face causing him to knock out cold. He radios the Watchtower) This is Batman. You will not believe what I just fought. I'm bringing it to the Watchtower to show you.

To be continued........


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Rook Blonko
  • Max Tennyson
  • Batman
  • Citizen #1
  • Citizen #2


  • Malware

Aliens Used[]

  • Shocksquatch
  • Heatblast