General Information
Species Cingulatahomo sapiens drillocheirus (Cingulatadrilloid)
Home World Terrexcav
Body Humanoid Armadillo with Robot Hands
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Robot Hand Manipulation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Durable Armor
First Appearance Magic Isn't Real

Armordrillo is the X-Matrix's DNA sample of a Cingulatadrilloid.


Armordrillo is a humanoid armordrillo with robot hands that tun into drills. He wears the X-Matrix on his left wrist.

Powers and Abilities

Same as a regular Cingulatadrilloid.


Ben 10 the Hedgehog

Season 1

  • Armordrillo debuted in Magic Isn't Real, when he battled a second pair of crooks after the previous 2 defeated by Geometree.
  • In Hunted, he battled Clawgor.
  • In Secrets, Titanoceratops transformed into him unwillingly in the middle of a fight.
    • He later battled Black Doom, and got away. He later found Black Doom capturing the gang.

Season 2

  • In The Big Tick, he failed to stop the giant insect.
  • In Framed, he was used offscreen by Kevin.
  • In Frighten Them 'Till They Drop!, he failed to stop Zcarem.
  • In Revenge of Dr. Eggman, he battled Eggman's robots, but failed to defeat the new robot.

Season 3

  • In Frighthound, he was used to fight the "Yenaldooshi".
  • In Be Afraid of the Dark, he was used to save the gang after Viktor's space shuttle broke apart.

Season 4

  • In Merry Christmas, he shielded himself from the destruction of the "Jingalator" after he destroyed its core as Zworm.


  • Armordrillo's name is a portmanteau of the words "armor", "armodillo", and "drill".
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