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Armodrillo Mutation
Armodrillo Mutation.png
General Information

1/28 Aerophibian
1/28 Amperi
1/28 Appoplexian
1/28 Unknown
1/28 Unknown
1/28 Biosovortian
1/28 Chimera Sui Generis
1/28 Chronosapien
1/28 Conductoid
1/28 Crystalsapien
1/28 Ectonurite
1/28 Geochelone Aerio
1/28 Merlinisapien
1/28 Opticoid
1/28 Orishan
1/28 Oryctini
1/28 Petrosapien
1/28 Piscciss Volann
1/28 Unknown
1/28 Polymorph
1/28 Prypiatosian-B
1/28 Sonorosian
1/28 Splixson
1/28 Talpaedan
1/28 Thep Khufan
1/28 To'kustar
1/28 Transylian
1/28 Vaxasaurian


Robotic Four-Armed Humanoid

Other Info

The Armodrillo Mutation is a combination of twenty-eight aliens. He is a free use fusion by Alan. He can be used as a fusion, or a Kevin mutation, or an entirely new character altogether. (Also potentially just a new species that somehow looks like the twenty-eight combined.)


The Armodrillo Mutation's appearance is comprised of:

  • AmpFibian: Lower right arm, arm count
  • Armodrillo: Body
  • Astrodactyl: Whip generator on Feedback arm
  • Atomix: Canister on upper right arm
  • ChamAlien: Skin on AmpFibian arm
  • Chromastone: Skin on head, crystals
  • Clockwork: Chest gears
  • Diamondhead: Crystal on left elbow
  • Ditto: Nodes on Ghostfreak shackle
  • Eatle: Left leg and foot
  • Echo Echo: Casette on Eatle leg
  • Eye Guy: Eyes on upper body and back
  • Feedback: Left forearm and hand
  • Frankenstrike: Left upper arm and shoulder
  • Gax: Upper right hand
  • Ghostfreak: Shackle on waist
  • Goop: Goop in Atomix canister
  • Humungousaur: Abs
  • Jetray: Tail
  • Lodestar: Head crest
  • NRG: Right upper arm and shoulder
  • Plantapocalypse: Tendril under left arm
  • Rath: Right leg and foot
  • Ripjaws: Tail pattern on Jetray tail
  • Snare-Oh: Back bandages
  • Terraspin: Chest holes
  • Water Hazard: Barnacles on NRG shoulder
  • Way Big: Elbow blade on upper right arm


The Armodrillo Mutation has the powers of the aliens he is combined with. Should you use him in your work, you can add what specific powers he utilized here. To do so, create your own subsection here for your series. You can also add this information to his infobox.


  • Despite having the powers of those he is merged with, each is only 1/28 as powerful as the original.
  • The Armodrillo Mutation has most of the weaknesses of those he is merged with. However, it should be noted that, like with the powers, each weakness is only 1/28 the effectiveness against him, and some weaknesses may be completely removed due to the species he is merged with.


If the Armodrillo Mutation appears in your series, add it here!



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