General Information
Species Talpaedan
Home World Terraexcava
Body Robotic Humanoid
DNA Source Andreas
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Digging
Earth Tremors
Earth Eruption
Jackhammer Arms
Drill Hands
Enhanced Durability
Shock Waves
First Appearance TBA
 Armodrillo is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Talpaedan from the planet Terraexcava in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Armodrillo has an armored body and looks much like a robot. His chest is colored from Dark grey to light grey. His head is similar to a Greek Corinthian helmet with two ears on it giving him the appearance of an armadillo. He has grey bolts with black markings on his green shoulders and has a metal circle on top of his head. Armodrillo has a gray tail and jackhammer parts on his elbows, wrists and hands, creating the impression that Armodrillo is a digging robot. Despite the mechanical appearance, all of these aspects are in fact biological and natural to his race.

Armodrillo wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Armodrillo has incredible digging capabilities and enhanced strength, and, due to his armor, Armodrillo has incredible durability.

Armodrillo can create destructive earthquakes by placing his hands on the ground and pumping the jackhammer pistons on his elbows.

Armodrillo can turn his hands into drills.

Using his jackhammer arms, he can create shock waves and can launch objects he is holding.

Armodrillo is also able to create fissures in the ground.


Even though Armodrillo's armor is highly durable, it is not strong enough to keep Argit's spikes or Zombozo's bowling pins from getting him hurt.

Electricity can stop him from moving and can even knock him out.


Ben 10: Shadows Emerge

  • TBA


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