General Information
Species Talpaedan
Home World Terraexcava
Body Robotic Humanoid Armadillo
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Earth Manipulation
Earth Defense
Shockwave Generation
Fissure Creation
Seismic Sense
Earthquake Generation
Concussive Force
Arm Extension
Sharp Claws
Drill Hands
Jackhammer Arms
Jackhammer Propulsion
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Digging
Gas Immunity
First Appearance TBA

Armodrillo is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Talpaedan from the planet Terraexcava in the Andromeda Galaxy in Ben 10: A Certain Hero.


Armodrillo has his Ultimate Alien appearance, his Omniverse's ears, grey bolts with black markings on his shoulders and a metal circle on top of his head. His back resembles an armadillo's back, his fingers and up side of his hands are yellow, a metallic orange neck, his jackhammers elbows, wrists and hands are gold, his back is colored in red, his eyes are green and resemble his Omniverse version's eyes, with the black being red and the symbol of the Omnitrix is on his chest.

Transformation Sequence


Powers and Abilities

Armodrillo is able to manipulate earth, where by smashing the ground, he can launch rocks at his opponents. Also by grabbing the ground with his hands and lifting it, he can take a rock from it and uses it as a shield to protect himself.

He's able to generate shockwaves by either clapping his hands, flicking or snapping his fingers or by stomping on the ground. Also by using his jackhammer arms, he can create shock waves to blast away larger enemies with a single punch and launch objects he is holding.

He is able to create fissures on the ground by using his immense strength and punching the ground.

He can dig underground using his drill hands.

He can feel vibrations by touching the ground, being able to sense the location of any living being.

He can create destructive earthquakes by placing his hands on the ground and pumping the jackhammer pistons on his elbows. He can also do this by slamming his hands onto the ground.

His fists are able to knockout anyone they hit by using enough strength to punch them.

He can use his jackhammer arms to propel himself in the air by punching the ground.

His jackhammer hands are able to extend a little. Also his hands have sharp fingers.

He has enhanced strength, being Ben's main strongest Alien, enhanced durability, courtesy of his armor, enhanced dexterity, jumping and digging.

He's immune to gases.


Even though Armodrillo's armor is highly durable, he has a durability limit and can still feel pain.

Armodrillo can be suffocated if a large amount of matter covers his whole body and compresses it enough

Armodrillo has a weakness against electricity.

He can't feel anything that isn't touching the ground.






  • Sometimes when attacking with his drills, Armodrillo shouts "Giga Drill Break!", a reference to Gurren Lagann.
  • Another reference to Gurren Lagann is the red on Armodrillo's back being a reference to STTGL's cape and the red on his face a reference to Simon's googles.
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