This is a predessor of Omnidewtrix. A picture will be avalible later.


Information about it

"This thing can turn into a drastic evil form of the Omnidewtrix omplete by the Omnidewtrix's symbol and large structure for active mode of upgrading the Aliens.It's able to become part of a human arm which enlarges it twice its size."

However in a different picture leak in normal Heroic form...The Watch looks like this in the active mode for robotic arm. In Evil form...It's more complex than this simple photo.



Robotic Shark Dog |

Robotic Lady Arms |

Robotic SpeedGate |

Robotic Corefreeze |

Robotic Lavathrend |

Robotic Duplite |


-The Writer of Cassie 12 apparently ditched the idea of roboticness and real life stuff invovling Cassie 12. And went with the idea of Omniverse Cassie.

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