Arkgnthasapiens are a species from the planet Technomonium, and are Jury Rigg's species in both Earth-1799.A and Earth-2018.


Arkgnthasapiens are a gremlin-like species. They have large eyes with slit-shaped pupils, big noses, pointy ears, and spikes on their bodies, which is different between every individual. They also have devil-like tails. They typically wear engineer-esque outfits.


Arkgnthasapiens live in a society.


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  • Arkgnthasapiens have the ability to dismantle or reassemble any machinery at a fast rate.
  • Arkgnthasapiens are pretty strong for their size.
  • Arkgnthasapiens are very agile.
  • Arkgnthasapiens have an impressive knowledge of machinery and engineering.
  • Arkgnthasapiens are intelligent.


  • Arkgnthasapiens are not useful for hand-to-hand combat.
  • Younger Arkgnthasapiens have a more difficult time controlling their urges to break and fix things.
  • Arkgnthasapiens create machines that are typically meant to just help in any given situation and not last.

Notable Arkgnthasapiens

  • Jury Rigg (The Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arkgnthasapien in Earth-2018)
    • Jury Rigg (The Simplicitrix's equivalent of Jury Rigg)


  • In Earth-1799.A, Arkgnthasapiens are also called Dwemboli.

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