Ari is a main character in the series Den -10. He is the only good main character who is a opposite alien. His full name is Ari Sunasni. His name is the word Ira backwards, ira meaning "wrath" in latin.

Biography and Personality

Ari is a exetremly smart alien. He prefers brain from brawl. He doesn't get mad fast, and forgives quickly and he hates fighting.

Ari was born in 2090 (time goes backwards in the opposite dimension, he is 35), on Aixelpoppa. When he was 20, he met Mudigirf, who flew to Aixelpoppa. they both worked on a secret project based on the Xirtinmo, for evil purposes. They worked on it for 15 years, and when it was finished, they needed helpers. They went to Emirp Navlag, where they met Larberec and Odutset, who they hired to be their henchmen, telling them there is a planet where they can atack with no one stopping them. When they reached Thrae, Ari took the machine they were working on, the Xirtisop, and he ran away from the ship, when his conscience came back to him. When Mudigirf and the others landed, they discovered Ari gave it to a Namuh, and then they started destroying the city until Ari will give it back, but the namuh used it to fight them, and Den (the namuh) became a hero. They went on a regular routine, the villains fought, destroying the city, and the heroes won at the end. But that changed when a spaceship from the matter dimension appeared...

(to be continued as the series progresses)


  • Super intelligence
  • Sticking claws ( claws that can stick things together)


  • Weak
  • Clumsy
  • Not durable at all

Species and Planet

Species: Naixelpoppa

Planet: Aixelpoppa


Ari has the body of Rath

The orange has swapped places with the black

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