General Information
Species Unknown
Affiliations Ben's Team
Kevin Levin
Vulkanus (formerly)
Occupations Con Artist
Arms Dealer
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Voice Actor Alexander Polinsky
First Appearance False Profits

Argit is a character in Ben 10: Ultimate Hero, he is a con-artist and friend of Kevin Levin.


Argit wears a black T-shirt underneath an orange jacket. He also wears blue jeans.


Argit is a self-centered individual who usually cares about himself.


His desire to gain riches can lead him into trouble which requires the aid of others to get him out of.


Argit first appeared in the episode False Profits, where he organized a trade off with Vulkanus. He makes a deal that if he gives Vulkanus a specified amount of Taydenite, he would receive a mysterious artifact, both were unaware of the fact that the artifact was actually an ancient mind prison. When Vulkanus realized that he was given less of the taydenite he was promised, Argit stole the artifact, and took off.

However, Argit was forced to crash land on Earth when Vulkanus damaged his ship. He was rescued by Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. He then explained his situation to the team and was curious what the artifact. When Argit tried opening the artifact, his mind left his body, and was was trapped inside. He was then rescued by Ben who defeated a Mysterious Alien who was also trapped inside the artfiact.

Episode Appearances

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