Argit is a character in IRR. He is neutral, known to help or betray whoever pays the most.


Argit wears an orange, zipped up jacket with yellow accents, as well as orange and yellow shorts. He also has long ears and spiked hair. Argit also wears piercings on his ears.

History and Personality

Argit doesn't care about anyone but himself and money. He is more than willing to betray people even if they trust him, making him a lying backstabber. He will do anything to secure his wealth, safety, power, etc. He is also self-absorbed. He eats when nervous.

Ben paid Argit to give some DNA to Servantis in order to help make Pierce a hybrid. Not much else is known about his past.

Powers and Abilities

  • Paralyzing Quills
  • Sleep Inducing Quills
  • Playing Dead
  • Enhanced Agility
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