Argit (Earth-210/Dimension 39)
Argit E210D39
General Information
Species Unknown
Residence Earth
Occupation(s) Criminal
Blackmarket Alien Tech/Arms Dealer
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Paralyzing Quills
Sleep Inducing Quills
Playing Dead
Enhanced Agility
Relatives Unnamed mother
First Appearance Do We Have a Deal?

Argit is a minor character that appears in The De-Spacer.


Argit looks like a giant humanoid porcupine/opossum. He comes up to Jaden's chest. He has big yellow eyes and black quills for hair.

Argit wears an orange, zipped up jacket with yellow accents, as well as orange and yellow shorts. He also has longer ears and shorter hair. Argit also wears piercings on his ears.


Argit doesn't care about anyone but himself and money. He is more than willing to betray people even if they trust him, making him a lying backstabber. He will do anything to secure his wealth, safety, power, etc. He is also self-absorbed.

Powers and Abilities

Argit can shoot his quills, which knock out those who are stuck with them. Even though they are not lethal, his quills have some sort of super durability.

If he is scared enough, Argit can release all of his quills at once. One assault of his quills, if enough are used, can even take down a To'kustar.

While physically weak, Argit is remarkably agile and fast, which allows him to escape from his enemies easily.


Being fairly small and only good for his spikes, without them, Argit can't beat many people in a fight.

Argit is shown to be somehow stupid as he falls to Jadens tricks which actually make him pay to the later for giving him an expensive technology.


Argit first appears in Do We Have a Deal? where he is chased by Liam and Fistina, but is save by De-Spacer after promising to pay him. After this he has a small talk with his savior and refuses to pay but in the end is tricked to not only pay but also give him a very powerful weapon. Argit is then forced to lead Jaden to Psyphon's hideout and is later send unconscious and thrown at the armed group. It's most likely that Argit survived after this.


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