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The Ard'Gelu are Equinox's species in Bryce Bowman: Origins. They live on the planet Mykdl'dy.


Ard'Gelu have a body composed entirely of rock.

They have half of their body covered in ice and the other half is always on fire.

This split starts at the base of their torso and continues to their heads.

Ard'Gelu have wings, one covered in ice the other ablaze respectively, that at one point allowed flight, but that has evolved away. They can still glide, though.


  • Pyrokinesis
  • Cryokinesis
  • Extreme Temperature Immunity
  • Explosion Genesis
  • Gliding
  • Limited Psychic ability
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Steam Projection


They do not have any particular weaknesses, other than a lack of agility.

Noteable Ard'Gelu



  • Ard'Gelu is both singular and plural.
  • It is currently unknown how the fire doesn't melt the ice.