Azmuth crated the Arcimatrix for a host to use it for good. After ben turned 18 Azmuth turned to someone else


Yellow-scanning mode

Blue-feature mode



If you say command code 000 portal safehouse- The Arcitrix will take the user to his or hers home

The Arcirix has over 2,000,000 samples of DNA 

If the Arcitrix has been tampered with without autherization it will self destruct

Its self destruct code is command code 000 destruct 112 time ___

It has a gps funtion that can be used that comes from satellites 

It can have sattelite communication for talking with faraway objects 

It has bio technolgies that helps transformations 

It has many systems that prevent mistransformations and it happeneds only 0.02% of the time

It has a digital holographic keypad that can be used for many different things

The master control can only be activated threw the digital keypad

Each alein has a code that is used for keypad 

It has a feature for two way communication 

If you say command code 1221 transport to vehicle it will transport you to your ship or car 

Decoupling is easy and can be activated using command code 12215 decouple 000

It can serve as a plumber badge 

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