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Kurt 10
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date 1/20/12
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Egyptian Gods


Kurt, George and Eve were walking towards a tarot store. George was wearing an I.D. mask so he looks human.

George: Are you sure that the Arcanatrix is in there?

Kurt: Yes.

When the trio got into the store, they saw Arcana watching Will Harague on T.V.

Will: I believe that Kurt Negason is a menace to the country. All the alien stuff started happening after he got the watch thing. And…(T.V. is turned off)

Arcana: How may I help you?

Kurt: Have you seen something like this? (holds up the Gataronitrix)

Theme Song!

Arcana: Yes, but you must battle me first. I have an arena outside.

Arcana, Kurt, George and Eve went into the arena behind the store. George and Eve went into the stands while Arcana and Kurt went into the fighting circle.

Kurt: How did I not notice this before?

Arcana: It blends into its surroundings. (transforms) The Emperor!

Kurt turned into Flare and shot fire at the Emperor. The Emperor dodged and shot lasers at Flare. Flare dodged the lasers and turned into Beast. Beast punched the Emperor in the face, sending him flying into a wall. The Emperor turned into Temperance and made Beast extremely mad. Beast started beating Temperance up. Temperance made Beast calm and turned into the Fiend. The Fiend possessed George, and made him rip off his ID mask, revealing his Armodrillo form.

Beast: You would use my own brother against me?

Beast turned into Thin-Ice and froze the Fiend/George. The Fiend/George broke out of the ice, and then the Fiend unpossessed George. The Fiend turned into the Strength and took control of Eve and George. Thin-Ice went Ultimate and shot ice beams at Eve and George, freezing them. The Strength tried to escape but Ult. Thin-Ice turned into Sonicboom and ran in front of the Strength. Sonicboom blasted the Strength with an air grenade, sending him a wall and detransforming him. Sonicboom then ran over to Arcana and pulled the Arcanatrix off of his wrist.

Sonicboom: That’s three down, one to go!





  • Arcana
  • Will Harague

Aliens Used[]

By Kurt[]

  • Flare
  • Beast
  • Thin-Ice
  • Ultimate Thin-Ice(debut)
  • Sonicboom

By Arcana[]

  • The Emperor
  • Temperance
  • The Fiend
  • The Strength