The Arbmui are in BTUD. They live on a unknown planet.


The Arbmui all look similar. They have glowing red eyes, and black/purple trasparent skin. They look like humans, but without features.


The Drones are basicly the main warrior. They look like desribed above.

Winged Drones

Winged Drones are used for ariel attacks. They look the same as most Arubmui, but with giant bat wings.


King Arbmui are ten feet tall. His powers are alot stronger than all Arbmui in his group. Each King Arbmui have a group of a hundred Arbumui.


Sorcerer Arbmui have more control over shadows than most Arbmui. They have blue eyes.

Grand King

The Grand King off all Kings. They are thirty feet tall, and their powers are 100% stronger than a King.


Arbmui can control darkness and shadows. They have super agility.


Light can harm them

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