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General Information
Species Chickenarr
Home World Terrovennah
Body Chicken/Hawk
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shooting Hair Gel,Itching someone,Jumping in very high distances(much more than Crashhopper)Regenerating,Shooting spikes,Shapeshifting,Changing victim's hairstyle & Super-fast speed
First Appearance Risk for It

AranoHawk is Carl 10 alien.

He is Chickenarr from Terrovennah.


In Altermaverse,AranoHawk looks like a combination of a chicken and a hawk.He has spikes all over himself,and cuffs around his upper ankles and upper wrists.

He has chicken feet and hands,and around the fingers(foot and hand)"rings".

He has a black suit with no sleeves,with a big white stripe down his suit to the belt.

His Xtratrix symbol is on his left chest.

In UK,he looks the same,except he gains a beak-like goaty,and is much more muscular.

His suit is now black with a green stripe down to the pants.His pants are now white,and they don't cover his legs.

His cuffs are now furry,and he regains his rings.

He now gains the talons on his elbows.

Xtratrix symbol is now on his pants.                                                   


AranoHawk in UK. The smoothie is just a customs sign.

Powers and Abilities[]

His main power is manipulating with hair gel,like he can shoot gel on enemies.

But his gel doesn't react the same on bodies like hairs;if he shoots gel to someone's hair,he could change the hairstyle,but if he shoots it to someone's body,it hardens so it cannot move,but for 3-4-5 hours,it can be breaked.

He could also shapeshift and shoot his spikes.


Heat slows him,along with higly energy powered bolts.



  • According to Black Bullet,AranoHawk wears a sweater.