Aranea Lamina
General Information
Home World Vidua
Body Humanoid Arachnid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Sharp Spider Legs
Web Spit
Paralyzing Venom
The Aranea Laminas are the species of an unknown alien in Ben 10/Generator Rex: Omniverse. They live on the planet Vidua




  • Enhanced Durability: They are shown to be very durable as one was ejected out of a spacecraft that was about to leave the atmosphere and survived.
  • Enhanced Strength: They can lift Humungousaur.
  • Enhanced Speed: They can run very fast but not as fast as XLR8 or Fasttrack.
  • Enhanced Agility: Their agility is greater than Spidermonkey's.
  • Sharp Spider Legs: Their spider legs can cut through Diamondhead.
  • Web Spit: Like Ultimate Spidermonkey, they can spit silk.
  • Paralyzing Venom: Their venom can freeze something in a position for hours.


None known

Known Aranea Laminas

  • Tata-Longa-Crura


  • Aranea Lamina is latin for spider blade
  • Their home planet Vidua is latin for widow
  • Tata Longa Crura is latin for daddy long legs (a type of spider)
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