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The Aranea Laminas are the species of an unknown alien in Ben 10/Generator Rex: Omniverse. They live on the planet Vidua




  • Enhanced Durability: They are shown to be very durable as one was ejected out of a spacecraft that was about to leave the atmosphere and survived.
  • Enhanced Strength: They can lift Humungousaur.
  • Enhanced Speed: They can run very fast but not as fast as XLR8 or Fasttrack.
  • Enhanced Agility: Their agility is greater than Spidermonkey's.
  • Sharp Spider Legs: Their spider legs can cut through Diamondhead.
  • Web Spit: Like Ultimate Spidermonkey, they can spit silk.
  • Paralyzing Venom: Their venom can freeze something in a position for hours.


None known

Known Aranea Laminas[]

  • Tata-Longa-Crura


  • Aranea Lamina is latin for spider blade
  • Their home planet Vidua is latin for widow
  • Tata Longa Crura is latin for daddy long legs (a type of spider)