ArachnophobiaS10 (1)
General Information
Species Aranan
Home World Araignee
Body Humanoid-spiderlike
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Spitting out spider webs




First Appearance Polymorphed
Arachnophobia is an Aranan from the planet Araignee in Simien 10: Polyverse. This is a redone version of the original alien.


Arachnophobia is a tall black-grey spider-like alien. He has four thin spider-like arms, and six spiderlegs. He has some sort of spider body connected to the bottom half of his body where two of his legs are. His head has a spider mouth and six yellow eyes.

In ghost mode, he loses his spider back, which lowers down and becomes a ghostlike tail. His legs connect with his ghost tail and cause small grey lines on it. His whole body becomes translucent, too.


Arachnophobia can fire webs from his mouth, which can wrap up enemies. He can either fire it out as a spider web or a blast of sticky web material. The webs are incredibly tough and are difficult to cut through. The webs can't be passed through by creatures who can go intangible like Ectonurites or Necrofriggians, despite the fact that Aranans can easily pass through the webs.

Arachnophobia can go into "ghost mode", which allows him some ghost related powers:

  • Intangibility: Arachnophobia can go intangible and pass through most objects, but he can't be caught in his own intangibility-blocking webs
  • Invisibility: Arachnophobia can become invisible, which works similarly to Ghostfreak's invisibility
  • Flight: Arachnophobia can fly while in ghost mode.

Arachnophobia can switch instantly between ghost mode and normal mode, and he can still fire webs while in ghost mode.

Arachnophobia can stick and walk on walls, though this ability is useless due to his ability to fly in ghost mode.


Arachnophobia is rather fragile and weak. He has very thin arms and legs.

Like Big Chill, Arachnophobia's intangibility touched other creatures with intangibility,

Some materials can stop Arachnophobia from going invisible or intangible.



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